Jonny Forumer: Everton 1-1 Blackburn

Who cares what a bunch of disinterested hacks have to say when you can get the skinny direct from those to whom it matters most? Well, good news: Football Burp‘s very own Jonny Forumer, lurker extraordinaire, is here to collate choice message board analysis so you can get the lowdown from the people who really know what they’re on about! Here’s what Everton and Blackburn Rovers fans had to say in response to the two sides’ 1-1 draw at Goodison Park on Saturday…


From Grand Old Team

“The board need to go – with someone to provide suitable investment to actually support the manager.

That is the issue. Until then it wouldn’t matter who could come in. Even Mourinho would be struggling with a board that has done what this one has in selling off 5 players last summer – saying replacements would be acquired – then not even doing that.

These ones blaming Moyes are so short sighted they can’t see past the end of their noses. Replacing the manager would have jack all effect other than to destabilise the youth setup and the club in general. When its the top tier – the board that are the ones completely under performing.

I’m talking about the ones who’ve not provided the commercial revenue growth through lack of ‘investment’.” – Matt Damon

“Duffy was MOM easily. Cahill did improve after his goal but just barely, for large parts of the game he disappeared completely. Honestly I’ve never seen a player have so little influence before like that. Even Saha is influential, although in a bad way. Although I got give credit to Cahill for getting himself in the right position before the goal. It’s really sad that our most dangerous looking striker was Straq who was on for 5 minutes. It bugs me that a lot of people are writing him off. Yeah he isn’t Ronaldo but he works hard and contributes to the game. We look more dangerous when he is on. I want to see him on the pitch much earlier, give him and Vellios at least 20 minutes a game. Drenthe was great, if he can pace himself through out 90 minutes he could be immense.” – slimspek

“I’ll say this every week and I’ll say it again. You can talk about 4-5-1, or playing Cahill and Saha upfront but I really think giving away the ball cheaply, standing off too much, and giving away cheap fouls has really cost us this season. Blackburn COULD have had a few goals in that first half. They played pretty good against us again, just as they did at Ewood Park.

Even after the goal we really failed to put them to the sword. How we didn’t score at the end though is beyond me.

I thought Duffy was absolute class today. He is going to be difficult to take out of the team even when all our defenders are fit. He has a big presence in the box and he defends really well. He could have had a goal as well. Gibbo did alright, and Drenthe and Baineswere pretty lively.

I think maybe Donovan could have done a bit better, and Cahill could have done better as well despite getting a goal. We have to start taking all three points from these games, especially since we have another difficult run coming up.” – Deathspike


“I’m really starting to wonder if the team is playing for Moyes anymore? People will go on about the team spirit and that suggest they are but there a good bunch who are all mates so they will get on regardless and have that spirit but do they believe in Moyes’ methods anymore?. Whilst He’s in charge they will say he’s a good manager and the right man for the club cos at the end of the day if they didn’t he’d get rid but to me, with the way they are playing at the moment, im not so sure there playing for him?. Ive not seen us play so half heartedly and passionless as this in a very long time, well, not since the Smith days!.

Yeah i know lack of investment in the team and the unrest from the fans towards Kenwright and the board doesn’t help but there’s plenty of teams out there in the same boat who might get beat alot but only due to a lack of quality but they will work there bollocks off still and have a go and were not even doing that right now IMO. If we draw or lose games due to the opposition just being better through having alot more quality but we’ve worked hard and had a really good go at em through out the game then i can just about accept being beat or whatever but for large parts of this season we’ve not even had a go and gone to some grounds with the white flag up at kick off and looked not to get beat heavily cos we accept where inferior!. As Moyes himself puts it, ‘its like taking a knife to a gun fight!’, and when he says shit like that and sets us up the way he does then what chance have we got?!.” – AidyEFC9

“We won’t go down this season, as already mentioned. We’ve garnered 26 points from 22 matches so far, yet we’ve only played well over the 90 minutes in 1/2 of the games. We’re picking up enough points to keep us out of the mire and we’ll probably limp towards the 40 point mark rather than smash through it.

The good thing about the middle of the table is that it’s so tight currently. Stoke are eighth with 30 points, so it would take 3/4 wins to catapult any side up there who go on a good run of form. The problem there, obviously, is that we can’t seem to put a run of form together that drags us away from the position we currently find ourselves in, and it’s going to be even more difficult with the matches we’ve got coming up.” – Thom

“Duffy had a quite composed performance. Would like to see him get a run of games. Decent in the air and apart from that time mentioned where he was closed down and an ill advised reverse header in the 1st half really didn’t put a foot wrong. Can’t see why we’re in the market for a centreback with the precious resources we have when we’ve got a backup like him. hes got a genuine shout for starting XI even when others are back fit” – blueski

From The People’s Forum

“We’ve mugged four points off of Blackburn this season, in fairness. We’re a poor team and while I understand much of that is due to what’s happened off the pitch, the manager has more talent as his disposal than is apparent, imo.

We dropped to 14th today. City, Chelsea and Liverpool coming up in the next five games (also QPR away and Wigan). At the end of that stretch it’ll be very interesting to see where we are. I can see us taking only four points from that run, which would mean 30 from 27. I don’t think we’ll be going down but I’m glad we’ve already got points in the bank because if the season started in January…” – Robin

“Off the field we are fcuked. Led by a charlatan. Skint and getting poorer each week. At the training ground we have stagnated. The manager has lost his enthusiasm and ambition. We are no longer getting more from the team than is there…in fact the reverse is now true. On the pitch we lack real leadership. Many of our veteran players no longer deserve a place (Neville, Tim, Louis) and none of the younger players has shown that they have the hunger, desire and personality to provide leadership.

In the stands the fans are increasingly divided but too many remain fervent disciples of the 3 wise monkeys. On here opinion varies widely. Some have stopped caring. Some can’t wholeheartedly support the club while Kenwright remains (I’m in this camp). Some think it can all be laid at the manager’s door. There are even a few (yes you Robin and Paul C) who think it could be worse and that if we just sell well and buy cheap we might be able to keep pace with QPR.

What I think everyone has in common is a recognition that we are currently a club with a ‘feel-bad’ factor playing shite football and looking like we are on the road to nowhere.
As rallying cries go, ‘we’re shit and it’s getting worse’ should challenge even Captain Pip’s powers of positive thinking!” – neilw

“It makes you wonder if most of them can go home today and think they earned their wages. Duffy, Heitinga, Anichebe aside, none of them deserve a penny this week, and I include the coaching staff and management in that.” – Col

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Everton midfielder Tim Cahill scored against Blackburn Rovers
Cahill... Scored, finally (Img: law_keven)


From Rovers Talk

“Another good performance from the lads. It was inevitable we were going to go 1-0 after our good promising start without making anything count…and we did but we got a point in the end which I think is a good result. Think Petrovic is looking better with more games under his belt and Goodwillie again put loads of effort in and got another goal. I really do think Goodwillie can have something to offer…his movement is very good and he does make good runs but if you dont play to that he will look awful as alot of players would.

One thing I would like to see is Rochina given ago behind the striker, Dunn has played well for a couple of games now but Rochina does not even get subbed on…just thought subbing him on yesterday could of been a more effective sub than Formica but at the minute he’s not even being considered to be subbed on. Well lets hope we can maintain this level of performance and I’m sure we can get out of the situation were currently in.” – CMG_BBR

“Well I’ll be honest when we hit the post I thought that’s it we won’t score today. We probably deserved to win but for Robbos foolish appeals. I mean play to the whistle you wally. Redeemed himself with a great save against a Fellaini header. First half our defence looked very shakey even though they had lttle to do. Petrovic was god awful. Attacking we was by far the stronger team and if the Yak was on we would have won probably. No Samba possibly suggests he’s still sulking. Givet was quality today but Ollson looked shaken by Drenthe’s speed. Goodwillie scored but didn’t do much else, Junior was brilliant. Junior really scared everton he was always given a lot of time. Prehaps we should have played Rochina too. Dunn had a good game.

The most positive thing I heard was the comments from Everton fans. Some claimed we are to good to go down. Others said we will certainly survive. Some said it would be a shame if we went down as we play similar football and have physical games so they like watching us.” – dwayne cage

“I think it was very hard for the ref to see the handball looking at replays. No idea what Dunn was doing stood on the line playing everyone onside. Moaning about the ref, their No.10 (I think) came on as a sub and got booked for a foul. He then kicked the ball away when the ref wasn’t looking right at the end (high into the sky), right in front of the linesman. When the ball went out of play again, the linesman called the ref over to seemingly discuss the incident, but the ref chose not to give him his 2nd yellow, when it was one of the most blatant example of kicking the ball away petulantly you’re likely to see.” – Simon


“The general shape of the team in the last few weeks (including yesterday) has felt about right. Petrovic and Nzonzi are playing well together and we are stronger for removing Pederson from the centre.
A fit Dunny has a role for us playing in the hole and we are stronger with Olsson at left back. In fact I would say that his presence in the last couple of games together with the emergence of Petrovic (he was superb for most of yesterday- particularly first half)has done so much to address our previously chronic defending.
Vuckevic would do a better job than Pederson on the right side but I can see why Kean wants him there- better protection for Lowe, work rate, set pieces, experience etc.
Givet must remain at centre half and personally, I would prefer to see Hanley there- a Colin Hendry in the making, rather than Dann.
If Modeste looks any bit like in training next week he is a must for the lone striker role, Goodwillie is a squad player with a nuisance factor late on.
All in all, we have a decent chance and I don’t feel we have much to fear against Newcastle.” – colt seavers

“Just watched their goal again and whilst it was handball and whilst Dunny had ridiculously gone to sleep on the line just wtf was Robinson doing simply ball watching? That lofted cross was his to punch out all day long! Amateurish mistakes by two experienced senior pro’s who must know better.

Even more amateurish is the lack of tactical nous of our manager. I and many others have put our malaise down to a midfield full of ballerina’s since the first day of the season. Yesterday though I think we can lay much of the credit on outplaying Everton on having two players with plenty of bite patrolling the deep centre of midfield. Such a line up hampers the opposition midfield by denying them time and space to probe away at our back 4 whilst allowing the more creative players like Hoilett and Dunne to push forward in support of the striker.
We saw how effective this was towards the end of last season with N’Zonzi and Jermaine Jones patrolling midfield together and freeing up Hoilett and Olsson so the solution to the ludicrous situation all season to date of us having to score 3 or more to win was surely obvious to all. So the question must be asked why tf did Steve Kean refuse to address this issue earlier?
Any hope we now have must be down to getting a third man in. Grella fit and on the bench would suffice even cos the way they play those the two will pick up plenty of bookings and suspensions. The notion of either (but especially) Petrovic carrying a first half booking through to FT and not getting a red is very real imo. If Grella is history then we must get one in. The likes of Mark Atkins / Nicky Marker / Sid Cowans would not be expensive and if samba is away then defending further up the pitch becomes even more of a priority.” – thenodrog

From Rovers.co.uk

“Credit to Steve Kean when it is deserved. Though we did not win yesterday it was clearly a positive draw rather than a negative one which we seemed to have quite a fair bit in the 1st half of the season. 2 Wins, 2 Draws and a defeat in the last 5 games was rather unexpected. The valueadd of that is that the performances had been quite good in those games as well.

I am pretty sure whether we survive or get relegated, Steve Kean will see out this season as manager. I am not so confident he will get much money to spend in Janaury outside what he could recoup if Samba does go so it is pretty much a situation of using the players we already have. I think it will be interesting to see the team play with some form of confidence similar to what they did against Everton.

I am feeling more positive suddenly on our chances of surviving and really hope Kean will prove us wrong by steering the club to safety.” – jansenboy

“Suspect that the Venkys restructuring of the club might work for us in the long term. I hope we don’t need to go down to manage it like Newcastle. Who is to say that most clubs aren’t board level / management top heavy. What do some of the people really do?
Are they building a brand or increasing attendances with projected targets that must be met to justify their salaries?

Clearly, there is far too much pressure being placed on Kean and a compromise position must be agreed, but a club like ours needs to really generate and develop their own players to offset the clear gap in turnover.

We can see a clear transfer skew towards players whos value might increase. I just hope that we can get through this difficult time without losing our prem status.

It isn’t exactly the same, but Ashley suffered big time in his attempts to change the transfer policy and player power within the club.” – lektar

“Apart from the stoke game I’don’t think we’ve been beaten since before Christmas.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but wins against United and Fulham, draws at Everton and Liverpool mean we are in the best run of form since the start of the season.
If we can keep this up, we should soon be climbing the table.
Steve Kean’s blue and white army?” – The Growlery

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