Jonny Forumer: Bolton 3-1 Liverpool

Who cares what a bunch of disinterested hacks have to say when you can get the skinny direct from those to whom it matters most? Well, good news: Football Burp‘s very own Jonny Forumer, lurker extraordinaire, is here to collate choice message board analysis so you can get the lowdown from the people who really know what they’re on about! Here’s what Bolton Wanderers and Liverpool fans had to say in response to the Trotters’ 3-1 win over Kenny Dalglish’s Reds at the Reebok Stadium on Saturday…


Views from The Wanderer

“That was the best performance since we were 3-0 up against Wolves at their place when we looked awesome. That performance was the exact reason I wanted us to keep Coyle as I know he has a team capable of performing like that. The players yesterday looked like they actually gave a feck for once.

We bossed it, so pleased Nigel got the captaincy, let’s give it him for good. Loved his interview on MOTD, what a man. Muamba did exactly what he should have done, covered the full backs when they were out of position, great work rate from him. Eagles had one of his few brilliant games, just a shame his shooting was a bit off. Ngog, best performance of the season, worked his bollocks off and would have been great to see him get a goal.

Man of the match deservedly so was Mark Davies, I’ve been banging on for months now that he should have a central midfield spot, he’s not a right winger, never has been and never will be, he proved to everyone yesterday that his best position is in a 5 man midfield in the centre, darting into the box. I can’t think of anyone better than him for it at the moment.

Big Zat too, I’ve been one of his biggest critics this season but for those slagging him off yesterday can well and truly get fecked. Put in a great shift, yes he made an error for the goal but the amount of pace Bellamy has, Zat did brilliantly well to only let him through once. Made some great blocks and Cahill leaving may be an additional blessing in disguise, the opportunity is now there for a new partnership to be formed and both centre backs made a point to the manager to become the new first choice.

I know it’s a big ask as Arsenal are probably the last team I want to see us try and pass to death, but here’s to a victory against them next week!” – Gail Platz

“Had a bit of a boozy one after going to the game last night and just had a decent morning watching back MOTD, Goals On Sunday etc. and having a good (albeit blurry eyed) read of the morning papers. Still in ectasy over the match, not just the result but the overall performance. Would have been a achievement if we’d played like that against Macclesfield earlier in the week, yet alone a top 6 ( ) side. Just a few points from my opinion, feel free to disagree

-Bogdan, Agree with all the comments previous. Looking a better, more confident keeper every time he pulls on the shirt. Has put the Chelsea incident well and truly behind of him and has come out the othe rside better for it. Please keep the faith Coyle.

– Mark Davies..just brilliant! First time i’ve watched us this in the last 9 months and haven’t thought “what if holden had been playing” Finally all the moment’s of brilliance, and glances of real class, he has shown in the last few seasons have all come together. Maybe it’s the run of games and the ‘Bogdan effect’ where knowing he’ll be involved week in/week out that has given him a little extra confidence to go out and really find some consistency. What a talent.

– Knight/Wheater, better than expected! Not the answer in the long term definitely but both more than deserving of a starting berth when need calls imo. Despite all his misgivings (and they are many!) Knight really looked as if he was taking the responsibility of being involved in a post Cahill back four seriously and what he lacks in talent it FINALLY looked like he was trying to make up in guts and know how. Also impressed by the way he calmed down NRC at half time, showed a real clear head and again took some responsibilty to make sure the situation didn’t get out of hand…As for Wheater solid, commanding, good old fashioned centre back perfomance. Fear he can be a touch rash at times and commits to easily, but if he didn’t he probably wouldn’t be at this club.

– The others; Again agree with all the comments previous about some of the other outstanding contributions (NRC, Muamba, Petrov etc..) Felt NGog did what Super Kev hasn’t been able to recently and believe Coyle bringing him to the club, and our style of play, may have been a stroke of genius. Bit too eager when it came to his finishing (probably a result of playing against his old side) and snatched at his chances but all is forgiven due to his wonderful build up play. Eagles ran himself ragged and has gone +1 in my books, really like the cut of his gib. Thought he’d be all ego when he came to the club but has proved himself well. Will more than likely be dislodged when Chung Yong returns to the side but a good lad to have on the books.” – wanderers_on_tour

“We was to strong for liverpool yesterday, everyone played there part in what was the best performance of the season. Thought we out muscled them in midfield Reo Coker was immense strong in the tackle, Muamba closed them down well and passed it better than normal, has you all know i’m not his biggest fan but i’ll give credit to where credit is due. Mark Davies best player on the pitch yet again liverpool couldn’t cope with his runs or get a clean tackle in because he is so good dribbling with that ball, head and shoulders above Gerrard who struggled all match. Petrov and Eagles were excellent on the wings, if Eagles would of had his shooting boots on we could of got a 4th goal which would of been a true reflection on the game. Who needs Cahill when we have got wheater, more of the same against Arsenal then we could be looking at another 3 points. Well done lads!” – Jokers in White

From Bolton Banter

“I’ve said all along that this team of players can get results if they want it enough and if they play for each other. I don’t know what’s changed? Has one of them just looked at the table for the first time and seen where we are? Over the past 2-3 weeks we’ve started to take a few tentative steps forward, and this was a big one today. I somehow felt we had a chance here, but didn’t know why? It also sounds like certain players who had been missing for so long, finally decided to show up. It’s great news. We’re out of the bottom three and we have a decent shot of saving ourselves this season. Memo to Lawro: Regarding our inability to score. After today, we have now scored THREE more than Liverpool, so I hope you’ll mention their inability to score in your next predictions.” – Billy Bradshaw

“Sensational. Totally outplayed them. Defended well when we had to, and attacked well the rest of the time. Not a lot else to say.
Bogdan: His handling is very assured. He is the future!
Steinsson: Boy did he enjoy that goal!
Ricketts: Excellent
Knight: Did his usual. Generally good. Wasn’t at fault for the goal.
Wheater: Very good.
Eagles: Needs to have more confidence in his own ability. He gave Enrique a difficult time but looks like he doesn’t think he can.
Mavies: Sensational. Best player on the pitch. Worries me in that he could be picked up! Close control and demands the ball like good midfielders should.
Reo-Coker: Excellent. Also showed he has other qualities by keeping the Bellamy stuff to himself.
Muamba: Closed down, worked hard, kept it simple. Brilliant.
Petrov: Quality. When we play well, he plays well. Sadly the opposite is also true. Brilliant nutmeg.
Ngog: Really looked up for it. Superb. Liverpool fans are moaning that Carroll cost £35 million and sold Ngog for £4 million.” – Benny Bear

“Brilliant performance from the team. Liverpool played bad because WE were better than them in all departments!!!! It seems Coyle has a settled team and its allowing for greater fluidity and for Mark Davies to dictate the play. Delighted Carroll played as I said he was ideal for Knight and Wheater. Swansea and Arsenal at home next. Both games really winnable. I kept the faith and its starting show on the pitch!!!!” – Lofty’s Roar

From Wanderers Way

“A great feeling today…the in laws are getting done stick later. Bogdan’s gloves are something special, he did very well..should’ve raced out for their goal if we’re being picky and that’s actually one of Jussi’s great strengths….the one on ones he’s saved over the years are amazing, let’s hope he coaches Bogdan on the art. Ricketts was excellent. Knight will never have a better top flight opponent than Carroll: static, can’t turn, shit touch. Happy days.

Wheater did very well 2nd half, someone must’ve said at half time to try and get Bellamy before he turns and opens his legs….good defending and/or coaching…..credit to Sandy/Oc for once??
The midfield three were generally great but occasionally pushed too far as a unit leaving a big gap. In fairness we noted it was 20 mins before they realised and tried to exploit it at all. Overall it’s got to be our starting point now. The link up and support via it was excellent.

N’gog was tireless….he got battered yesterday but never hid, linked well and ran his socks off. How folk now realise how well he holds it up. Biggest negative for me was Eagles…powder puff, bad decision making, he has good feet but very little else….even the 2nd goal he set up he did the wrong thing and got lucky….CYL would be brilliant in that formation as the wide right. Overall very very happy. And very pleased for Steinsson, hopefully his corner has turned with that great finish the icing in the cake….fist punching isn’t enough!” – jules_darby

“I thought Eagles played well yesterday and has some excellent performances this season. He is either very poor or quite good. Petrov had a very good game also but at Manure was awful and worse than Eagles there. Thought the only dodgy performance was Knight but he was better than usual. Things a looking a lot better and we need to continue with this spirit; if we do we will stay up for sure.” – RUREADY2ROLL

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Bolton Wanderers goalscorer Gretar Steinsson
Steinsson... Goal (Img: Paul Blank)


From Red and White Kop

“That piece of play from Andy in the second half, from Downing’s cutback was sublime. He faked to shoot by taking a massive clod-hopping wallop of the ball with his left foot then deftly flicked it with his right, unfortunately the rest of our team just weren’t on his wavelength (few are) and the ball dribbled away back into Bolton possession. In the hands of a lesser player, Messi for example, that moment would’ve looked amateurish but Andy pulled it off with the grace and assurance that has characterised his time at Anfield. I can’t believe we got him for just £35 million. Frankly, I’m tempted to go up to Newcastle myself and give them my life savings as well, purely out of gratitude. Truly a joy to behold.” – Father Ted

“Downing, Carroll and Adam are all decent sized fishes in small ponds. They simply can’t hack it. Henderson i’ll excuse as it’s a bit harsh to rely on him at this stage in his career. All I can say in terms of redemption is that our defence is usually much better, and Bellamy was good. Other than that, so say we don’t need major investment is deluded. I’m sorry, but Downing and Carroll will never get anywhere close to replaying their huge price tags.” – Robert_B

“Normally I avoid RAWK after losses and draws… there’s just too much reactionary, foggy-headed anger about the place. I should have done the same today evidently but oh well. For me, Carroll had a pretty good game. Clumsy at times still, but did several other things well. Charlie Adam played a couple of nice passes, but some poor ones too… and he didn’t seem to have a good sense of man marking when we were defending. Probably one of Enrique’s poorer games for us… Henderson was kind of just there. In any case…

Things will get better. We’re still just 6 points (I think?) off Chelsea and they aren’t exactly amazing, so I’d be surprised if they didn’t drop enough points from now to the end of the season for us to get in with a chance to be there or thereabouts, assuming we better our own form. We have lots of money coming into the club over the next several years so I don’t think the owners will be shy about getting players if we need them. I think we’ll have learned things from our transfers so far in the past year or so and we’ll rule out some of the mistakes. A cup or two if we can manage it this season would be encouraging stuff, and if we can be just around 4th then I think we’d be an attractive project for players.” – IndianaRed

From KopTalk

“Downing has no end product because we play defensively and have nobody in the box. When he does play Carroll, he doesn’t play Downing. When he played Downing at the start, he played Suarez. We have too few in the box. Look at the stats, Downing has been our BEST crosser. And he’s produced very little for us. It’s not lack of talent on Downing’s part, because every other player is having the same trouble. it’s team tactics.

Did Downing produce under other managers? Did he produce assists and good crosses? Answer is that he was one of the leading assist makers in the league. Did Adam? yes, under another manager. Did Henderson? Yes, under another manager. Did Carroll score, yes, under another manager. See the pattern?” – Rafarendum

“There’s no way forward without a change. If sentiment in any way influenced the last appointment it shouldn’t this time. Along with others on here, I’ve already suggested Rodgers – the budget might suit him better than Mourinho etc. The longer this drags on, the worse for KK and I don’t want that. His commitment to the club I would never doubt. His suitability based on his recent judgements has to be questioned and I think this is how Fenway will see it.” – D500

“KK was initially only a 6 month caretaker appointment. The results he secured at the back end of last season helped him get the job. In addition, he had been involved closely with the club academy under Rafa – so it wasn’t wholly a non footballing reasons appointment. Having said that, he should now be judged like any other manager and should be accountable for the results and the perfromances.

Personally, I would reserve final judgment until the end of the season. Even then, before creating more insatbility, we should think carefully. There are no obvious replacements and I wouldn’t want us to become a club which changes manager every other season. Houllier had 6 seasons, Rafa had 6 seasons… idelly I’d like KK to stick around for a few seasons. He’s gonna have to up his game big time though.

Or maybe we try a different set up. KK sticks around as a sort of general manager… but we get a top, top footballing coach responsible for gameplan, tactics etc.” – TheMightyLFC

From The Liverpool Way

“What the fuck was that? I’ve never struggled more watching the whole game. After 3-1 I just wanted it to end as quickly as possible as there was no fucking chance this side has the spirit to make a comeback like we were used to.

Johnson was horrible today. He was at fault for at least the first two goals and didn’t contribute much going forward either. The centre back pairing isn’t the problem when Skrtel goes for the ball Johnson must cover the space left open or at least try to stop the man with the ball at his feet. He did neither and they scored two easy goals from it.

At the other end Bellamy was our main threat, but I have to give Carroll some credit for actually looking like a proper target man for once. Although he should have gotten more out of the cross from Downing late on which could have brought us back in the game.

Overall I think the main problem of this game was the defensive errors causing us to concede some really sloppy goals. This was down to lack of organisation and probably communication in the back four, but also due to our central midfield doing fuck all defensive work especially in the first half.

We should also have created more goalscoring opportunities as Bolton were just as bad as us at the back, but we just couldn’t exploit it. All in all our weakest performance this season as far as I can remember.” – Newport

“Everyone bar Bellamy was not good enough. Reina did nothing wrong and Gerrard at least looked like he cared and showed glimpses of quality, but I don’t think anyone really came out of it looking good other than Bellamy.

I feel sorry for Gerrard as he was trying, but only Bellamy looked on his level tonight. Maxi has at times this season – but he could get in the game tonight. Henderson and Carroll just aren’t good enough as attacking threats and when we play Henderson wide right he has to be considered an attacking player. Kuyt and Downing couldn’t offer any better when they came on. Adam was awful, especially defensively – but even in possession which sloppy passes and some hollywood ones which didn’t come off. What most annoyed me was when he was running at their back four and could have slid Maxi in, but instead selfishly went by himself, not for the first time this season in that position… he has been very disappointing recently after a promising start here.

God knows what happened to the defense today which have been very good all season. I think they lacked some protection as neither Gerrard or Adam gave them enough. But even then they were all guilty of making poor mistakes and all having poor games.

What is worse – I knew before the game we’d lose and struggle we all did. It is the Liverpool Way we’ll raise our game against City on Wednesday and probably win. We’ll play well against United in the FA Cup and might win. But when it comes to games like Swansea, Norwich, Stoke, Fulham, Bolton, Wigan etc we just constantly fuck up and have done for 10+ years.

Now I was not surprised about us not threatening enough, as we haven’t all season and without Suarez we struggle big time for spark. Although I do think Gerrard, Maxi and Bellamy are all good enough to hurt teams and win us game. But I was really surprised how poor we were defensively today.

Bolton didn’t park the bus today and they fully deserved to win and our problems were highlighted. But that XI was good enough to win today, our problem was application not lack of quality.” – LFD

“Kenny’s return has been great for the club, we have our identity back and he was very clear tonight about what it means to play for LFC. But he is not beyond criticism and I thought the tactical setup was poor tonight – Adam and Gerrard in central mid, Hendo on the right? – and he didn’t change it when it wasn’t working.

None of this means he is failing or should be sacked, have people forgotten how bad things actually were when he came in – in Rafa’s last season as well as during the Roy Hodgson debacle? And I know people will point to H&G as a factor in Rafa’s downfall, which they were, but so was Rafa himself – it got to the point when he had lost the players. I don’t see that with KD today.

To indiviudals, which is almost unfair given that only Bellamy emerged with any credit tonight. Adam was shocking and frankly he has been poor since Lucas got injured. he is ok with a decent holding player alongside, but he can look very average without someone doing the fetching and carrying. And he thinks he is a lot better than he is.
Carroll actually did ok first half, but he still offers little or no threat in the box. His flick on was good, but it was his only contribution of note. We can talk about poor service, but at £35m, you expect a striker to generate some of his own impact.
Maxi had a shocker. Good player, but when he has an off day, he just disappears entirely – though a simple pass to him from Adam may have changed the whole game.
Henderson worked harder than most, but he just looks out of position on the right. I was amazed we didn’t change it around second half and play him centrally, pushing Gerrard further forward.
The entire defence was poor, apart from Agger’s attacking runs. Enrique had his worst game for us.
Downing and Kuyt made no difference, but the players seemed to have chucked it in by then anyway. But neither has made a telling contribution this season.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Carra played on Wednesday, either at the back or in a holding role – he has faded as a player, but he knows what it means to play for Liverpool. Too many tonight looked like they didn’t. How Kenny responds to this – and how the players do – will define our season. Key moment in the rebuilding project.” – Galactico

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