IN PICTURES: The many faces of Edwin van der Sar

One of the many faces of Edwin van der Sar
Edwin van der Sar’s face (Image: Paul Blank)

See the many faces of Edwin van der Sar that have become an internet hit as eagle-eyed football fans noticed his his continuous selection of odd expressions.

The Manchester United goalkeeper often looks terrified of conceding a goal and his face reflects his personal desperation to prevent that from happening.

Thanks to the good, kind users of Reddit Soccer and Imgur, we can bring you a slideshow below:

You might also like to see the Phil Jones face that sparked the interest in Edwin van der Sar’s face, or perhaps the “retarded” Pique pictures.

Visit the ever giving Radio TalkSport website for more Edwin van der Sar face pictures:

Nobody seemed to notice at the time, but retired goalkeeper Edwin Van Der Sar’s facial expressions at Manchester United were almost as hilarious as those pulled by Phil Jones.

Unsurprisingly the Dutchman’s funniest and most frightened-looking faces came as the ball was crossing his own goal line, and many of these photos presumably pinpoint the exact moment that Fergie’s fuming face flashed through Edwin’s mind.

Images spotted on Imgur via 101GG