Gallows Humour: Newcastle fans make believe Pardew sacked

Alan Pardew
Pardew… Embattled (Img: Parka81)

Gallows humour: it’s the last refuge for the thoroughly fed-up, one natural byproduct of a common plight that can be enjoyed by all. In fact, we’d go further and say that it’s one of our planets core elements alongside the air that we breathe and the water that we drink – and furthermore, it’s something that British folk can genuinely lay claim to being world class at.

Newcastle United’s 6-0 defeat at home to Liverpool on Saturday thrust them right back in the relegation mire – and the relegation muck – so the airwaves and message boards have been saturated with dissent as to the continued presence of Alan Pardew as manager. However, this small pocket of resistance from NUFC Forum did their country proud by managing to see the funny side – Football Burp slipped a false moustache on and infiltrated their midst in order to bring you the best posts from a thread titled Pardew SACKED

Pardew sacked: Newcastle fans make believe



Just thought I’d cheer everyone up… now come on how did that rush of melonin feel to your brain

Better than sex wasn’t it… just by believing something you want for a few seconds.

No charge folks just hope the orgasmic effect lasts all night long… sweet dreams


Thanks Poz, that was nice.


the come down is a killer though


aye poz it’s better than sex but realising its not true is like realising condom has split


no the realization it’s not true is finding out she was a man


I was actually expecting to find a picture of Pardew in a potato sack race. I don’t know what to feel now to be honest.


Well I got my rocks off posting hope for the millions affected by this plague

I will happily die a martyr for the cause of betterment to the Newcastle species


Isn’t melonin the chemical that makes your skin darker?

Watch this space for More of This Kind of Thing!