Footballers vs Idiots: Le Tissier, Sordell, Lineker, Reid, Carlisle, Routledge

It’s footballers…

Gary Lineker
Lineker… Idiot-fighter (Img: damo1977)

…versus idiots…

An idiot
Here’s one


hey matt u suck, you could have played for Man U winning things but stayed at lowly saints! #badmove”Remind me who u played for?

— Matt Le Tissier (@mattletiss7) November 7, 2012

“@alexdonghi: @marvinsordell why do you play for england then……” Because i was born and raised in england -_-

— Marvin Sordell (@MarvinSordell) October 1, 2012

Never seen anyone moan abouta team, other than their own, being down the running order. Funny that! Enjoy all, it’s good tonight.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) October 6, 2012

“@robt1980: @reid6peter Alright Mr Ried U still eating Bananas with ur feet?! #monkeysheed”yes funnily enough old chap. Thanks for asking.

— Peter Reid(@reid6peter) October 8, 2012

“@simonpkcjones: @reid6peter hey reidy did u ever go ape on the footy pitch or did you just monkey around?”both

— Peter Reid(@reid6peter) November 7, 2012

RT @lewisk95: @garylineker I wouldn’t say Holland are that better technically than us, considerin the money they put in < Really?

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) October 9, 2012

RT @richardsonmfc: @leonmckenzie1 ha ha who wants to read that ffs?!<< People that have an interest in what’s happened in my life.

— BIG McK (@LeonMckenzie1) November 6, 2012

Mate 1 get a life, 2 get off my timeline “@craiggriff79: @wayneroutledge no wonder being a jack cunt #scum

— Wayne Routledge (@WayneRoutledge) November 7, 2012

.@fattusantus I’ve never heard of a “conumdrum” before, but I’ve got a conundrum for you:YOUNUMPTYOh, wait a second….#Numpty

— Clarke Carlisle (@clarkecarlisle5) November 7, 2012

Haha. I’ve just been owned by @clarkecarlisle5.Big time.

— Donald Trump’s Hair (@FattusAntus) November 7, 2012

@hucks6dh6 I will not be called a douche bag by a footballing flop. Follow me back to read my message. And shut up yes I do have banter

— I’m Mr Brightside (@Joshtorevell) September 28, 2012

“@adammckola: @hucks6dh6 what were you thinking during ‘that’ interview with American TV?! #AskHucks”What a knob the bloke was

— Darren Huckerby (@hucks6dh6) September 28, 2012

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