Footballers Tweeting About Nando’s: Shearer, Cole, Akinfenwa and more!

This week's Footballers Tweeting About Nando's include Michael Duberry, Adebayo Akinfenwa and Duncan Shearer.

Nando’s… Delicious (Image: Shovan Sargunam)

It’s footballers! It’s Nando’s! It’s footballers tweeting about Nando’s! Take it away, footballers!

Adebayo Akinfenwa, Gillingham

Morning my twitter fam the Agender for 2day cardio session at the gym (with light weights lol) den to the #BMO office 4meetings den nandos

— daRealAAkinfenwa (@daRealAkinfenwa) November 27, 2013

Scott Shearer, Rotherham United

Nandos has done me in, need to nap ??

— scott shearer (@scottshearerGK) January 2, 2014

Jordan Seabright, Dagenham and Redbridge

Might aswell move into nandos…4th day running

— Jordan Seabright (@J_Seabright) December 17, 2013

Michael Duberry, ex-Chelsea and Leeds United

We all need food! I just googled and to my disappointment found out that there is no @NandosUK in Hereford. ???????? #Nightmare

— Michael Duberry (@Original_Dubes) November 16, 2013

Dylan Hayes, Derby County

can you book a table in nandos ?

— Dylan Hayes (@DylHayes) November 16, 2013

Darren Cole, Greenock Morton

Nandos then cinema sounds tooo good!!!

— Darren cole (@Coley0301) December 4, 2013

Andre Gray, Luton Town

Nah Suarez is takin norwich for Nandos Rice #Sidemans #Liberties #MatchFixed

— Andre Gray (@AndreGee1) December 4, 2013

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