Football Tweets of the Weekend: Podolski, Zaha, Le Tissier, Roberts and many more!

Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose
Klose than close (Image: @Podolski10)

Football Tweets of the Weekend! Football Tweets of the Weekend! Football Tweets of the Weekend! Football Tweets of the Weekend!

It’s Football Tweets of the Weekend!

Frightening Lack of Self-Awareness of the Weekend

Alan ‘Lord Sugar’ Sugar, telly

Delay of Mourinho announcement.He is demanding a script writer for post match quips and a personal PR ego boosting expert.

— Lord Sugar (@Lord_Sugar) June 2, 2013

Strange Timeline Quirk of the Weekend

@ollieholt22 @garylineker Thoughtcrime, Orwell called it in 1984.

— Paul Hayward (@_PaulHayward) June 2, 2013

RT @wtfjoelol John Barnes’ solo goal v Brazil in 1984. Amazing.

— FIFA.com (@FIFAcom) June 2, 2013

“Thanks for That” of the Weekend

Myles Weston, Gillingham

For some reason I really wanna see this England brazil game!!! Not sure of the out come

— Westy (@mylesweston) June 2, 2013

Commentator of the Weekend

Michael Nelson, Bradford City

That was Walcott’s best pass of the game and he knew nothing about it

— michael nelson (@mnelse6) June 2, 2013

Comparison of the Weekend

Marco Gabbiadini, ex-Derby County and Sunderland, during Brazil v England

Do my ears deceive me or does the crowd sound like the crowd at a Women’sinternational in the Uk

— Marco Gabbiadini (@marco_ten) June 2, 2013

Statistician of the Weekend

Chris Casper, ex-Manchester United and Reading

In 53 seconds On ITV John Barnes goal was mentioned twice!!

— Chris Casper (@ChrisCasper1) June 2, 2013

Arse/Bin Liner-Based Poser of the Weekend

Bob Mortimer, telly

#BRAvENG could you get Hulks Yakubu’s and Ivanovics arses in one bin liner?

— bob mortimer (@RealBobMortimer) June 2, 2013

Wanye Kest? of the Weekend

Devante Cole, Manchester City youth

Oh my Wanye :O Rooney :O

— Coley-Cole (@DevanteeeCole) June 2, 2013

Not a Tyldesley/Townsend Fan of the Weekend

Gabby Logan, BBC

Honestly if you switch on radio it sounds ok. I am not trying to win BBC audience – merely stating an audio fact.

— Gabby Logan (@Gabby_Logan) June 2, 2013

Eye for Production Values of the Weekend

Jody Morris, ex-Chelsea and Leeds United

What’s up with the screen?? Got a filter on it!!!

— jody morris (@morriskid) June 2, 2013

Amusement of the Weekend

Jem Karacan, Reading

Hold tight lol Wilkins says neymar has no pace! This guy is on a wind up.. He’s just said Trevor Francis was a better player?! Na na na

— Jem Karacan (@JemKaracan4) June 2, 2013

Offer of the Weekend

Liam Kelly, Reading youth

I could get 3 girls that could talk more sense then Adrian Childs , Roy Keane and Gareth Southgate

— Liam Kelly (@L_Kelly95) June 2, 2013

Arf! of the Weekend

Andy Burnham, MP

At long last, PM does something helpful > “@jreedmp: “Luis Suarez adds David Cameron to list of people to blame for Liverpool exit.”

— Andy Burnham (@andyburnhammp) June 1, 2013

First World Problems of the Weekend

Wilfried Zaha, Crystal Palace, Nathaniel Chalobah, Chelsea and Nathaniel Clyne, Southampton

@nathaniel_clyne @wilfriedzaha I don’t know bout u guys but we just got bumped for this Internet. It aint working man.

— Nathaniel Chalobah (@chalobah) June 2, 2013

@chalobah @nathaniel_clyne got to keep turning it back on lad

— Wilfried Zaha (@wilfriedzaha) June 2, 2013

Getting Sucked In of the Weekend

Jody Morris, into Britain’s Got Talent

I don’t watch this show regular but if this Danny goes through the show loses credibility!! *Kanye voice

— jody morris (@morriskid) June 2, 2013

Series of Non-Sequiturs of the Weekend

Leon Legge, Gillingham

If brazil score are we gunna change it up and attack with a real purpose? Not only that we have to listen to A.Chiles summary #cheers

— Leon Legge (@leonlegge32) June 2, 2013

Casual Outing of the Weekend

Dominic McHale, Manchester City youth

I actually think I fancy gay people!!!

— Dominic McHale (@Domchale11) June 2, 2013

Jesus Saves of the Weekend

13′ Wonderful save by Jesus! Corner for Osasuna. 0-0 #halamadrid

— Real Madrid C.F. (@realmadriden) June 1, 2013

Misspelling of the Weekend

Daniel Devine, Inverness Caledonian Thistle

Ryan Moore has won me a few quid today! Some Jokey #epsom

— Daniel Devine (@dandevine18) June 1, 2013

Prospective Author of the Weekend

Marvin Sordell, Bolton Wanderers

I really can’t wait to write a book! Random thought I know, but theres so much in my mind that needs to be spilled on to paper!!

— Marvin Sordell (@MarvinSordell) June 1, 2013

Heckle of the Weekend

This guy

@marvinsordell you could call it Bench. Free splinters with every copy

— Iced (@icedgraphics) June 1, 2013

“…to Obliterate the Audience with Lasers?” of the Week

Jason Roberts, Reading

It’s nearly time……. twitter.com/JasonRoberts30…

— Jason Roberts (@JasonRoberts30) June 1, 2013

Q&A of the Weekend

Matt Le Tissier, ex-Southampton

“@antcrick: @mattletiss7 did you ever play at Maine Road? If so how did you find it?”Yes the coach driver knew the way

— Matt Le Tissier (@mattletiss7) June 1, 2013

“@jakkyboy10: @mattletiss7 best player to play in the premier league ??”Thank you

— Matt Le Tissier (@mattletiss7) June 1, 2013

“@stevenwiffen: @mattletiss7 Do you run everyday?”No just the day after a curry normally

— Matt Le Tissier (@mattletiss7) June 1, 2013

“@grzegorz24: @mattletiss7 Any tips for dealing with knee joint pain after running?”Dont run #simples

— Matt Le Tissier (@mattletiss7) June 1, 2013

Heartwarming Tale of the Weekend

Bobson Bawling, Watford youth

Off to meet the squad with @yungzaha #u21 #england #nike instagram.com/p/aBNpAbJGpT/

— Nathaniel Chalobah (@chalobah) June 1, 2013

@chalobah nate, tell zaha I’m his biggest fan! Lol bmt #TeamZaha

— Bobson Bawling (@BobsErd) June 1, 2013

@bobserd yeah told him still bro. Oneloveyea

— Nathaniel Chalobah (@chalobah) June 1, 2013

Ohhhhhhhhhhh myyy goddd!! My idol followed me !!! @wilfriedzaha I’m sooo happy ohh my gosh all thanks to @chalobah #onelove

— Bobson Bawling (@BobsErd) June 1, 2013

I’m the happiest boy at the moment! #TeamZaha #Idol @wilfriedzaha

— Bobson Bawling (@BobsErd) June 1, 2013

Poles Never Apart of the Weekend

Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose

Time for sightseeing;) Impressive Feeling to stand in Front of the #WhiteHouse with Miro Klose #DFB #WashingtonPoldi twitter.com/Podolski10/sta…

— Lukas-Podolski.com(@Podolski10) June 1, 2013

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