Football Tweets of the Weekend: Dixon, Ranger, Cundy, Agustien, Lalas and many more!

Missing: one of these babies (Img: Paul Downey)

Well, if it ain’t Football Burp’s Football Tweets of the Weekend!

And it is…

Embattled Pundit of the Weekend

Lee Dixon, ITV

Does anyone want their meat and potato pie back that they threw at me in the studio ?Seemed such a waste#

—Lee Dixon (@LeeDixon2) March 8, 2013

City Fan of the Weekend

Kevin Horlock, ex-Manchester City

That was the worst game Ive seen Howard Webb have for United..

— Kevin Horlock (@Kevinhorlock6) March 10, 2013

Advice of the Weekend

Paul Ifill, Wellington Phoenix

“@thesexology: Semen contains a natural anti-depressant.” @al_smith get swallowing bro!

— Paul Ifill (@PaulIfill) March 8, 2013

Unlikely Father-Son Combo of the Week

Jason Cundy, ex-Chelsea and Ray Parlour, ex-Arsenal

@realromfordpele happy birthday son. X

— Jason Victor Cundy (@jasoncundy05) March 8, 2013

Best Mates of the Weekend

Adam McGurk, Tranmere Rovers and Andreas Weimann, Aston Villa

@adammcgurk11 love you too ! #paraffin

— Andreas Weimann (@andiweimann) March 10, 2013

Best Mates of the Weekend II

Don Hutchison, ex-Scotland and Darren Gough, talkSPORT

@donhutch4 lolI could ,take you as my coach

— Darren Gough (@DGoughie) March 7, 2013

Temptation of the Weekend

Aaron Tshibola, Reading

Always one good looking girl at a hotel lol I swear the devil does it on purpose

— Aaron Tshibola (@AaronTshibola8) March 10, 2013

On Ecstasy? of the Weekend

Nile Ranger, Newcastle United

I love every1 :)

— Nile ranger (@NilePowerRanger) March 10, 2013

Thought for the Day of the Weekend

Tom Hateley, Motherwell

If you watch #Crufts then there is no way you couldn’t love dogs!! #Fact

— Tom Hateley (@TomHateley6) March 10, 2013

Charmer of the Weekend

Bernard Mensah, Watford

Some females be looking like Beyonce in pictures but Rick Ross in person!

— Mensah Jr (@Mensah_10) March 10, 2013

Not Your Average Footballer of the Weekend

Jody Craddock, Wolverhampton Wanderers

My auction finishes at 10pm so if yourinterested come over to Jody Craddock art on Facebook.all proceeds going to @ballstocancer

— Jody Craddock (@MrJodyCraddock) March 10, 2013

“Ooh, Y’Bitch!” of the Weekend

Alexi Lalas, ex-USA

John Calipari is disappointed in himself. I’m disappointed in his contrast collar shirt. #SportsCenter

— Alexi Lalas (@AlexiLalas) March 8, 2013

Fun day. I judged you, you judged me. Kinda how this twitter thing works.

— Alexi Lalas (@AlexiLalas) March 9, 2013

Funny Idea of Celebration of the Weekend

Natalie Sawyer, Sky Sports News

Rise and shine with @vickygomersall and myself on @skysportsnews as we celebrate #IWD

— Natalie Sawyer (@nataliesawyer) March 8, 2013

“Whatever You Say, Man” of the Week

Kemy Agustien, Swansea City

I’mthe one that’s got to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.

— kemy agustien (@KemyAgustien) March 8, 2013

Fond Reminiscence of the Weekend

Julian Dicks, ex-West Ham United

“What’s your a favourite sending off Julian?” “I got sent off in a testimonial once” @julian3dicks #legend

— Sam Ingleston (@Sam_WHU) March 7, 2013

“Sounds Like a Pretty Normal Thing to Have” of the Weekend

Gary Madine, Sheffield Wednesday

“@uberfacts: “Pistanthrophobia” is the fear of trusting people due to negative past experiences.” I have this 1000000%

— Gary Madine (@GaryMadine9) March 8, 2013

True or Banter? of the Weekend

Jimmy Bullard, ex-Wigan Athletic, Fulham and Hull City

Jimmy Bullard Icelandic fan club. . . True or Banter?

— Jimmy Bullard (@1JimmyBullard) March 8, 2013

Bizarre Exchange of the Weekend

Robert Snodgrass, Norwich City and Sausage

“@im_sausage: @robsnodgrass7 @garymiller85 Hi, My name is suasage, have a nice day!”No bother sausage Surely u got more to do than this

— Robert snodgrass (@robsnodgrass7) March 7, 2013

Troll of the Weekend

Joey Barton, Olympique de Marseille

See that nob Bieber is at it again. What a melt! Am off to bed. xx

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) March 7, 2013

Demand of the Weekend

Kazenga LuaLua, Brighton and Hove Albion


— kazenga (@kazenga25) March 7, 2013

Classic Mugging of the Weekend

Darren Eadie, ex-Norwich City and Leicester City

“@cbabington10: Just seen @eadie11 make a mug of Buffon on Espn classics!”Shows my age making classics!

— Darren Eadie (@eadie11) March 9, 2013

Classic Mug of the Weekend

Max Rushden, Soccer AM

Look at this #mug twitter.com/maxrushden/sta…

— Max Rushden (@maxrushden) March 9, 2013

Learning How to Make Radioactive Trainers of the Weekend

Robbie Elliott, ex-Newcastle United

Not bad for a first attempt #gotachance twitter.com/robbieelliott3…

— robbie elliott (@robbieelliott3) March 9, 2013

QI Impression of the Weekend

Ben Shephard, Goals on Sunday

What better company for yer mums than ‘Mums fave’ @chris_kammy ‘Mums the word’ Alan Curbs, ‘Some mums do ave em’ Neil Warnock GOS 10.30 SS1

— Ben Shephard (@benshephard) March 10, 2013

Gripe of the Weekend

Nathan Craig, Torquay United

Why open Asda at 9am when you can’t actually buy anything until after 10am? #confused

— Nathan Craig (@nathancraig20) March 10, 2013

Mother’s Day Message of the Weekend

Robbie Kiernan, Wigan Athletic

Probably best just telling your mum how you feel instead of tweeting it?

— Robbie Kiernan (@Wiggydoggy) March 10, 2013

Mother’s Day Message of the Weekend II

Paul Corry, Tranmere Rovers (on loan from Sheffield Wednesday)

Happy Mother’s Day mam! Now if your reading this get of my twitter

— Paul Corry (@paul_corry) March 10, 2013

Bravery of the Weekend

Rodney Marsh, ex-Fulham, Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers

“@surferrosa1975: @rodneymarsh10 who was the worst keeper you ever faced? Brave enough to answer? :-)”>ken hewkins

— Rodney Marsh (@RodneyMarsh10) March 10, 2013

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