Fifteen fantastic Vanessa Huppenkothen photos

Meet the Mexican as rumours circulate that she could be Cristiano Ronaldo's new girlfriend.

This one almost made it into the top 15 Vanessa Huppenkothen photos, so many more could have as Cristiano Ronaldo alleged new girlfriend is stunning
IF LOOKS COULD KILL: Huppenkothen (Image: Twitter/Vanessa Huppenkothen)

Cast your gaze across this selection of fifteen of our favourite Vanessa Huppenkothen photos as rumours begin to circulate that the TV presenter could be Cristiano Ronaldo’s new girlfriend.

The Mexican ‘presenter, actress and model’ rose to prominence amongst football fans during World Cup Brazil 2014 for her coverage of the tournament which became a particular highlight.

And now the FIFA Ballon d’Or winner and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has allegedly succumbed to her charms.

You won’t want to miss this collection of Vanessa Huppenkothen photos:

Ya casi…. @vicentemontoya @Fertz_P @danniisalas @edefuentes @Edithmogue #shooting pic.twitter.com/hdB6ogVV9x

— Vanessa Huppenkothen (@vanehupp) November 29, 2013

Primero lo que deja y luego lo que apendeja ….. Working HARD pic.twitter.com/oiAhKgKIm0

— Vanessa Huppenkothen (@vanehupp) March 10, 2014

@Domiglio: @vanehupp ???? #Perfection pic.twitter.com/r8rwk07Vqj@GQMexico

— Vanessa Huppenkothen (@vanehupp) March 22, 2014

El tronco se va…Gracias x el apoyo a @JorgeCerritosD y a mi n @BailandoSueno d las mejores experiencias d mi vida pic.twitter.com/Xvpjfqs3SO

— Vanessa Huppenkothen (@vanehupp) June 9, 2014

Este Mundial es de México!!!! Holanda ahí te vamos…. #VivaMéxico pic.twitter.com/es1vMNwo3C

— Vanessa Huppenkothen (@vanehupp) June 23, 2014

“@VanessaHp_fans: haber conocido a @vanehupp ?? pic.twitter.com/bE2ljuyWWB” // besos :D

— Vanessa Huppenkothen (@vanehupp) July 28, 2014

@VanehuppFans1: Y no me canso de decirte @vanehupp pic.twitter.com/PVUvumKfVz” // :D muack!!!

— Vanessa Huppenkothen (@vanehupp) August 4, 2014

@Funcion_Exc: .@vanehupp prefiere la conducción que la actuación. http://t.co/29LY0W7Lsf pic.twitter.com/hzm9eGeBrb” // ????

— Vanessa Huppenkothen (@vanehupp) January 16, 2015

@nightoutafter: Germany mixed with Mexico result = @vanehupp ??pic.twitter.com/rgHMuxkBZN” // haha

— Vanessa Huppenkothen (@vanehupp) October 24, 2014

?? pic.twitter.com/wxbnIbC5TX

— Vanessa Huppenkothen (@vanehupp) December 17, 2014

?? ?? pic.twitter.com/ZYYzKIdokT

— Vanessa Huppenkothen (@vanehupp) November 17, 2014

?? pic.twitter.com/DwO0oKcEzD

— Vanessa Huppenkothen (@vanehupp) December 29, 2014

Grabando @masdeporte_TD desde el University of Phoenix Stadium #Patriots #Seahawks #SB49EnTD #SuperBowl ???? pic.twitter.com/uwSwqTwxWa

— Vanessa Huppenkothen (@vanehupp) February 1, 2015

:D pic.twitter.com/wWulkNnXz1

— Vanessa Huppenkothen (@vanehupp) June 7, 2014

@VanessaHuppL: @vanehupp <3 pic.twitter.com/ZjYvNmEcqS” //??

— Vanessa Huppenkothen (@vanehupp) October 8, 2014