10 things that cost the same as Mesut Özil

Including 17 industrial estates, 700 new homes and a Francis Bacon portrait.

Drunk woman vomits
Drunken nights out cost Hartlepool the same each year as Özil cost Arsenal (Image: Landii)

It’s not been a vintage few weeks for Mesut Özil – Arsenal’s £42m signing from Real Madrid has been looking distinctly out-of-form on the pitch, but very much in-form when it comes to running into photographers in his car.

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Özil’s travails led us to wonder: what else can forty-two million of Her Majesty’s pounds get you these days? We did a little bit of research and found ten things that cost the same as Mesut Özil…

10 things that cost the same as Mesut Özil

1. A 6ft-tall Francis Bacon portrait of his former lover George Dyer, with whom he became involved after catching him burgling his house.

2. 700 new homes in a desolate part of Muirhouse, Edinburgh.

3. 17 industrial estates.

4. The damage to Hartlepool’s economy each year due to people taking alcohol-related sick days off work.

5. The transformation of Sheffield’s old industrial heartland into a complex featuring homes, shops, offices and other amenities, including a 63,000 sq ft Tesco superstore, 635 car park spaces and the creation of 900 new jobs.

6. Bristol’s Wapping Wharf development, which will include apartments, offices, shops, restaurants and a hotel as well as a new public square.

7. The Listed Places of Worship grant scheme, which will enable more churches to claim money back on important works, including works to pipe organs, turret clocks, bells and bell ropes.

8. 2013 earnings for online grocer Ocado.

9. The total rebate owed by Severn Trent having been found to be overcharging 3.5m households.

10. A contract for the London Councils organisation, a joint committee established by the 32 London borough councils and the City of London, to help manage its parking and traffic appeals services.

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