10 things that cost the same as Marouane Fellaini

Including an Andy Warhol painting, a world class library.and a boiler room scan.

Marouane Fellaini
And to think, they could have had a sport centre in the Midlands instead (Image: Erik Drost)

Marouane Fellaini has not made the smoothest of transitions since his move from Everton to Manchester United, so we at Football Burp thought: what else can £27.5m get you these days?

We did a spot of research and rustled up ten recent examples of things that amount to the same as the sum lashed by United on reuniting Fellaini with David Moyes.

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1. A silk-screen painting of the Statue of Liberty by Andy Warhol

2. Keeping a German “quiet and peaceful” in order to retain control of F1, allegedly

3. A sport arena in Derby

4. A “world class” library at University of Leeds

5. An “arts and innovation” centre in Bangor

6. Lancashire-based pub firm Amber Taverns increasing its existing portfolio of 86 pubs to around 120 across Northern England, the Midlands and North Wales by 2016

7. The conversion of a 17-storey office block in Glasgow into a hotel

8. A “failing” private heart hospital

9. A management buy-out of World Trade Group (WTG), an international provider of business-to-business events, training and online lead generation services

10. A boiler room scam

£27.5m is also John Terry’s net worth

Do you know of anything else that cost the same as Marouane Fellaini? Have your say in that comments bit, below!