Writers Wanted!

Are you a budding journalist or sports writer?

Football Burp offers enthusiastic fans the opportunity to have their work published on an established football website.


We are currently seeking:

Social media addicts

You follow all the latest stories in the world of football on different social media platforms.

You delight in new weird or funny incidents and laugh at the videos that emerge, which you already seen before most of your friends.

We want you to share your favourites on our website! We’re looking for (relatively) quick responders, who can include the necessary details alongside any associated media.

Quickly build up a writing portfolio and demonstrate your use of sources.

List makers

You fancy yourself as a bit of a footballing oddities historian.

Prove your knowledge of the game and online research skills by creating entertaining and comprehensive lists on imaginative topics.

Dig up old and obscure news articles, photos, audio and video to construct definitive selections.

It’s great if they somehow relate to a recent event, but this is not essential.


If it’s fun, frivolous and football then it’s probably suitable for our website.

We have a focus on English leagues and try to promote the particularly funny over the repetitive and mundane flow of news from traditional football websites.

All we ask is that your submissions have not been published or submitted for publication anywhere else.


Please get in touch, we really want to hear from you!

Email us now at team@footballburp.com

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what attracted you to this opportunity and what you think you might like to write first.

Ask us anything – you can be assured that we will fall over ourselves to help.

More info

All ages 16 and over are welcomed, you can be based anywhere but fluent English is required.

We want you to write about what you find interesting and amusing, you can develop a back catalogue of articles and hopefully have fun doing it.


Everything you write will be clearly attributed to you.

Your name will appear at the top of each article and a short bio, plus your social info if requested, will be shown after the content.

You’ll also be listed as one of our people.