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Football Tweets of the Weekend: Raheem Sterling boo-boo, Barton on Neymar and more!

It’s time for the tweetiest, weekendiest, footballeriest regular feature of our age: that’s right, it’s Football Tweets of the Weekend! Raheem Sterling mix-up, a “freaky” […]

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Football Tweets of the Week: Mbia, Cole, Di Santo, Odemwingie and more!

“Tweets of the Week!” “Beg pardon?” “Football Tweets of the Week! Down there!” “What the blazes are you…oh, I see. Thank you, kind sir – […]

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Football Tweets of the Weekend: Mings, Tyldesley, Dixon, Whiteside, Gibson and many more!

Go on then, have a butcher’s at Football Burp’s Football Tweets of the Weekend… “Must Be March Again” of the Weekend Bruno Andrade, Wycombe Wanderers […]

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Football Tweets of the Week: Harte, Barton, Bendtner, Collymore and several others!

Gather round, gather round, and get a face load of Football Burp’s Football Tweets of the Week! Trapattoni Diss of the Week Ian Harte and […]

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VIDEO: Gillingham fan attacks Wycombe goalkeeper Jordan Archer

Wycombe Wanderers goalkeeper Jordan Archer, currently on loan from Spurs, was attacked by a Gillingham in the dying minutes of a League Two clash between […]

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Funny Football Tweets: Ferdinand, Lalas, Dichio, Humphreys, Al-Habsi and several others!

Football Burp takes you back over the weekend’s action via the cherished medium of Funny Football Tweets. Take it away, footballers! Siege Mentality of the […]

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Funny Football Tweets: Michu, Aguero, Piqué, Bothroyd, Lalas, Matterface and several others!

Here’s the week as it more or less happened, via the cherished medium of funny football tweets! Chuffed Bloke of the Week… Michu, Swansea City […]