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News28.11.16 12:47

Three more water bottles come forward to speak out against Mourinho

Drinking vessels accuse Man Utd boss of historical abuse.

News27.11.16 21:35

Mourinho loses bottle, police find it several streets away

Punted receptacle safely returned to misfiring Man Utd boss.

Stories15.11.16 04:26

VIDEO: Stoke fans falling down escalator at Tube station after West Ham clash

Apparently unfamiliar with London Underground etiquette.

Jokes14.11.16 22:22

The best of football’s The Simpsons US election jokes

Old episode appeared to predict a Donald Trump presidency.

News04.11.16 15:50

Andy Carroll accused of staging robbery to bury his transfer fees on Google

Searching for 'Andy Carroll robbery' no longer results in millions of mentions of £35m.

Jokes03.11.16 19:29

The best Andy Carroll attempted robbery jokes after high-speed armed chase

Reported confrontation with armed motorcyclists at a junction on his drive home from training.

Jokes27.10.16 03:37

The best jokes after West Ham violence at London Stadium in EFL Cup Chelsea clash

Familiar scenes at club's new home in Stratford.

News26.10.16 23:00

West Ham v Chelsea violence goes off without a hitch

Acclaim for supporters as fears of non-violent encounter prove unfounded.

News26.10.16 12:58

Confusion reigns as West Ham and Chelsea fans gear up for EFL rally

Mistaken supporters to march side-by-side against refugees.

Jokes25.10.16 00:49

The best jokes as Ballon d’Or 2016 shortlist announced

With Leicester and West Ham players included, it's like no other.