Stories01.03.17 06:04

VIDEO: Villarreal’s Jaume Costa tells fans off for leaving early

"Stay there until the last minute!"

Stories28.04.16 15:01

VIDEO: J├╝rgen Klopp confuses translator with long-winded answer

Howls of laughter from press as translator forgets which language he's supposed to be speaking in.

Lists16.11.15 18:09

Five amazing overhead kicks scored against Joe Hart

And one he scored himself.

Jokes28.04.14 03:00

The best Dani Alves banana tweets as Barca right back eats racism

The best tweets and jokes after Barcelona's Dani Alves ate a racially motivated banana thrown from the crowd during the 3-2 victory over Villarreal.

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Neil Warnock’s Comedy Corner: Cuellar, Rossi, Ranger, Le Tissier, Barnes, Hammann

“Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for a man who needs no introduction – unless you haven’t heard of him, in which case he’s […]