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Ten of the worst free kicks ever taken

Featuring hilariously bad efforts from Messi, Ronaldo, Huth, Earnshaw, Lafferty and others.


VIDEO: Robert Earnshaw skies free-kick against Seattle

Former Wales international's disaster strike in the CONCACAF Champions League.


Tweets of the Weekend: Apologies, missed opportunities, sandwiches and more

Just another edition of Tweets of the Weekend - featuring contributions from Agger, Mignolet, Richards, Ba, Gomes and plenty more.


Tweets of the Weekend: Craddock art, Beattie Q&A and more

A Lineker Bond film title, art from Jody Craddock, Craig Beattie Q&A, Clint Dempsey sandwich and more in Tweets of the Weekend.


An Idiot Guide to… the Scotland national football team

Did you know that Robert Snodgrass got his distinctive surname from a mixture of Buckfast, brown sauce and puréed potato scones?


Top 10: Gangnam Style Moments in Football

You love the song, you love the video, now it’s time to love the parodies in football! So here we go then… in no particular […]


Footballers Reviewing Films and TV Shows!

Welcome to Football Burp’s brand new semi-regular platform for footballers’ appraisals of films and TV shows. Yes, it’s Footballers Reviewing Films and TV Shows! Charlton […]