Stories25.09.15 01:39

Photo of Giorgio Chiellini’s girlfriend included with his Suárez statement

Defender reportedly attached photo of her in a swimsuit to his report on the Brazil 2014 incident.

Collections24.07.14 03:00

REMEMBER BRAZIL 2014: World Cup mistaken identities

The top five cases of mistaken identity from Brazil 2014, featuring the interview with Scolari's lookalike and much misdirected Twitter abuse.

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REMEMBER BRAZIL 2014: Best World Cup fan costumes

The best fan costumes from Brazil 2014 - featuring Jesus, The Mask, Melon Head and much, much more...

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Barcelona sign Luis Suárez for £75m – but here’s what they could have had…

Unearthing some eye-opening hypothetical alternatives to lashing all that money on the chompy chap.

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World Cup Awards for Brazil 2014: Champs, chumps, chomps and more!

Part one includes Joachim Löw, David Luiz, Luis Suárez, Gary Lewin and a giant insect.

News07.07.14 09:52

Legalised marijuana “may have led to Suárez bite”

Chiellini chomp ascribed to Uruguay false 9's "utter muntedness".

Jokes27.06.14 03:00

The best suggestions for #ThingsSuarezCantDo during suspension

The best #ThingsSuarezCantDo suggestions as Luis Suárez is suspended from all football-related activity for four months for biting Chiellini.

Jokes26.06.14 03:15

More Luis Suárez bite jokes as wound is yet to heal

Another batch of Luis Suárez bite jokes as the fallout from his Italy vs Uruguay "incident" continues.

News25.06.14 03:51

Suárez bites Chiellini, closes in on Honduras move

Sets sights on out-controversy-ing next two World Cups.

Jokes25.06.14 03:17

The best Luis Suárez Italy bite jokes as Chiellini gets it

The best Luis Suárez Italy bite jokes after Uruguay's star striker appeared to bite Giorgio Chiellini in a Group Stage clash at Brazil 2014.