Tottenham Hotspur

News14.01.17 15:04

“You know what, give us that Harry Kane guy instead,” say Chinese teams

Clubs agree with two-bit satirical websites to release statement in comedic pidgin English.

News05.01.17 11:28

Spurs fans vote against idea of singing “Dele Alli” to tune of Teletubbies theme

In-form star bagged his third consecutive brace in 2-0 win over Chelsea.

Jokes12.12.16 05:05

The best jokes as Marouane Fellaini booed by Man Utd fans at Old Trafford

Substitute made late mistake the previous week against Everton.

Stories09.12.16 03:17

VIDEO: Child reviews chicken shop on White Hart Lane

"The Hotspurs aren't the only mediocre disappointment in Tottenham."

News23.11.16 15:00

Spurs celebrate as Europa League qualification is confirmed

Hit back at critics making light of Champions League exit by immediately booking place in Europa draw.

Jokes03.11.16 03:05

The best jokes as Spurs lose 0-1 to Bayer Leverkusen at Wembley

Sixth successive defeat at the stadium.

News02.11.16 22:22

Spurs fans vote to rename Wembley ‘Stadiumy McStadiumface’

Action taken to ease mental burden of playing Champions League games there.

Jokes15.09.16 05:51

The best jokes as Spurs lose at Wembley against Monaco in front of record crowd

85,000 go to see 1-2 Champions League defeat.