Fake News27.04.17 08:26

Moyes takes Sunderland hostage in crazed rampage

Tells negotiators: "I have nothing left to lose."

Fake News10.04.17 16:36

“Barkley took punch like a girl,” roars drunken Moyes

Everton midfielder's embattled former boss wades in.

Fake News04.04.17 09:46

Moyes slaps down misogyny accusations over controversial new rap lyrics

Sunderland boss's new album causing quite the stir.

Jokes03.04.17 20:38

The best David Moyes slap jokes as Sunderland manager threatens female interviewer

Reporter's colleague recorded comments on their phone.

Jokes01.02.17 06:10

The best transfer deadline day jokes as 2016/17 January window closes

Shuts on a night of Premier League action.

Fake News30.01.17 10:46

Erratic Moyes now hording ex-Everton players as crazy old lady would cats

Sunderland boss cradles Pienaar for companionship.

Fake News24.01.17 16:39

“Delighted” Moyes announces first rubbish & inconsequential January signing

Lescott joins Sunderland in presumably pointless exercise.

Fake News21.01.17 00:12

“What’s the ****ing point?” shrugs despondent Moyes

Sunderland boss appears to give up all hope.

Jokes09.01.17 23:40

The best #FootballerBands as Twitter users come up with ideas for names

Users pass the time on a rainy Monday afternoon.