Leicester City

News25.10.16 13:02

Danny Simpson nominated for Miss Universe

Leicester City full-back in running to be crowned world's most beautiful woman.

Jokes25.10.16 00:49

The best jokes as Ballon d’Or 2016 shortlist announced

With Leicester and West Ham players included, it's like no other.

News18.10.16 22:55

Leicester tearing up Champions League “still not the weirdest thing about 2016”

Foxes' rise less bizarre than Trump, Boaty McBoatface, killer clowns and Boris as foreign sec, survey finds.

News15.09.16 03:00

Nigel Pearson undergoes landmark ‘ostrichplasty’ as Leicester success grates

Former Foxes boss dismayed to learn they don't really bury their heads in sand.

News11.09.16 19:31

Leicester thrashing restores normality worldwide

Champions' 4-1 defeat at Liverpool restores usual order across the globe.

News18.08.16 08:58

Leicester not done trolling Arsenal just yet

Mahrez emulates Vardy by splatting contractual pie in Gunners' collective face.

Jokes15.08.16 05:14

The best jokes as Premier League new boys Hull beat champions Leicester on opening day

Shock 2-1 defeat has people guessing what surprises what might be in store for this campaign.

Jokes14.08.16 13:55

The best jokes as Gary Lineker presents Match of the Day in his pants

Keeps his word after Leicester City's title win.

Lists12.08.16 06:53

Five of football’s strangest disappearing acts caught on camera

Players, managers and fans alike vanish in plain sight... on video.

Stories12.08.16 03:34

VIDEO: Wes Morgan disappears at Leicester City training session

Captain seemingly vanishes into thin air in clip captured by Sky Sports News cameras.