21 of the worst open goal misses ever captured on video

A shocking selection of point-blank sitters.


Tweets of the Week: Man City Champions League exit, Reina denial and more!

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Football chicken puns inspired by Januzaj Nando’s date

Including Peri Groves, Jordan Henderson, Chick Tiote and many more.


Footballers Tweeting About Nando’s: Shearer, Cole, Akinfenwa and more!

This week's Footballers Tweeting About Nando's include Michael Duberry, Adebayo Akinfenwa and Duncan Shearer.


VIDEOS: The Adebayo Akinfenwa BMO Dance

See the Adebayo Akinfenwa BMO Dance videos and watch him move!


Footballers Tweeting About Nando’s: Akinfenwa, McEachran, Duffy and more!

It's's Nando''s footballers tweeting about Nando's!


Tweets of the Week: Collymore v UKIP, Bale accolade, frisky Jensens and more!

Our Tweets of the Week include Stan Collymore v UKIP, a Gareth Bale accolade, some frisky Jensens and much more besides.


Tweets of the Week: Joe Hart mistakes, Zaha denial, Lukaku impact and more!

Joe Hart mistakes! Zaha denial! Lukaku impact! Much more besides! Is it our Tweets of the Week? You bet your sweet posterior it is.


Tweets of the Week: FIFA 14 release, Suárez comeback, Vertonghen shorts pull and more!

Covering such topics as the release of FIFA 14, Suárez's comeback and the Vertonghen shorts pull.


Football Tweets of the Weekend: Raheem Sterling boo-boo, Barton on Neymar and more!

It’s time for the tweetiest, weekendiest, footballeriest regular feature of our age: that’s right, it’s Football Tweets of the Weekend! Raheem Sterling mix-up, a “freaky” […]