Fake News05.11.17

Niasse scores with knee and ass, learns meaning of nominative determinism

Everton striker's bizarre goal sparks comeback win against Watford.

Fake News25.10.17

Boy finds Ashley Williams at Everton v Arsenal and sells him for £5

What do you do when you find a centre-back but your dad has always told you to "not keep what is not ours"?


The best Ronald Koeman sacked jokes as Everton dismiss manager

Leaves club in relegation zone following 2-5 defeat to Arsenal.

Fake News22.10.17

Liverpool and Everton to discuss merging into one manageable shambles

Might make more sense to get thrashed jointly rather than separately.

Fake News20.10.17

David Davis to consult Ronald Koeman on how much to pay to bow out of Europe

Brexit secretary impressed by speed of exit after £150m spending spree.

Fake News29.09.17

Birds agree sponsorship deal with Angry Everton Fans

Furious Scouser logo to be emblazoned on wings.


The best jokes about Wayne Rooney’s bloody eye injury after challenge against Bournemouth

Was upset that the referee allowed play to continue at Goodison Park.