England Women

Fake News

“I probably shouldn’t have consulted Roy Hodgson,” admits Mark Sampson

Sacked England Women's coach regrets listening to Andros Townsend case study.


Fourteen funny football social media fails

Starring Clayton, Benteke, Rooney, Lescott, Wilshere, Ronaldo and more - but no Andre Gray.


The best FA jokes after sexist tweet to England Women

"Our Lionesses go back to being mothers, partners and daughters, but they've taken on another title - heroes". D'oh.

Fake News

England Women record pluckiest defeat to date

Lionesses bow out in most English way imaginable thanks to last-minute wonder-own-goal.

Fake News

England World Cup semi-final rumour turns out to be true

Returning Glastonbury-goers stunned by confirmation of on-site gossip.

Fake News

England reach World Cup quarter finals unnoticed

Satirical football website finally gets too preachy.

Fake News

England women’s team almost as boring as men’s team

Look set to bore and frustrate English supporters to a degree hitherto only inflicted by their male counterparts.

Fake News

England women’s team slump to equality with group stage exit

"It mortifies me to have presided over the women's team finally matching the standard set by the men's," laments coach Hope Powell