Fake News17.11.15

Alexis Sánchez Chile burnout attracts hungry punters

Crowd gathers for 'cook-off' that turns out to be a South American nation running a star player into the ground.


VIDEO: Peruvian shaman curses Alexis Sánchez with a turtle

Watch as witchdoctor attempts to combat Chilean's pace with spell involving slow-moving reptile.


VIDEO: Marcelo Salas fights security at holiday resort

Has to be pinned down by staff while bikini-clad girlfriend Gianella Marengo fights his corner.


Arsenal sign Alexis Sánchez for £35m – but here’s what they could have had…

Including the final resting place of a former Prime Minister, and a possible cure for Bergkamp's fear of flying.

Fake News19.06.14

EXCLUSIVE: Spain rubbish again

Just like they always used to be.


The best Spain jokes as World Cup holders crash out

Almost unbelievably, the best Spain jokes after the current World Cup holders failed to progress past the group stage of Brazil 2014.

Fake News18.11.13

Hodgson’s experimental line-up alienates fan base, compared to Radiohead

"It's like when Radiohead started listening to Boards of Canada and ditched the guitars," said one guy.


PHOTO: Gary Medel shows results of Chile head shaving initiation

A photo of the Chile head shaving initiation as 3 future stars of the international squad were subjected to humiliating haircuts.