Stories12.10.15 15:28

VIDEO: Barnett falls backwards over hoarding taking throw-in

Wigan defender Leon takes hilariously unexpected tumble during 2-2 draw at Bury.

Lists12.08.15 18:16

Goals conceded on purpose: a recent history

In honour of Doncaster manager Paul DIckov instructing his players to let Bury equalise.

Jokes12.08.14 03:00

The best Football Fight Club jokes from BBC Three documentary

From the somewhat disturbing, but at times entertaining, BBC doc on firm violence within the sport.

Collections20.01.14 03:00

Tweets of the Weekend: Short stories, Man Utd crisis & more

Tweets of the Weekend feat. the Man Utd crisis, disappointment for a Dalglish, short stories, jokes, Lord Sugar and more.

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Tweets of the Weekend: Kamara on the train, Lego, canoes & more

Tweets of the Weekend, featuring Dyche's Lego lookalike, Kamara hanging out by the toilets on the train, Darke's canoe and much, much more.

Collections16.09.13 03:00

Tweets of the Weekend: Bale debut goal, Ronaldo contract, Ashley Young dive and more!

All this and a world-class merk administered on Piers Morgan by Rio Ferdinand.

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Tweets of the Weekend: Joe Hart mistakes, Millwall kit man, Odemwingie and more!

Featuring musings on Joe Hart, Millwall's kit man and much, much more!

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Footballers Tweeting About Nando’s: Carlisle, Le Fondre, Shaw, Kamara and more!

It’s footballers… It’s Nando’s… It’s… …Footballers Tweeting About Nando’s! Take it away, footballers! Kei Kamara, Elliott Bennett, Cameron McGeehan and Kyle Callan-McFadden, Norwich City Me […]

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Football Tweets of the Weekend: Vieira, Lescott, Davids, Luiz, Owen, Mbia and many more!

Well, if it ain’t Football Burp’s Football Tweets of the Weekend… Pity of the Weekend Patrick Vieira, ex-Arsenal Really sorry for Arsenal. Now they must […]

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Football Tweets of the Weekend: Kamara, Davids, Wright, Hartson, Neville and several others!

We know that face of yours – you’re thinking, “Which are Football Burp’s Football Tweets of the Weekend?” Well, feast your eyes on these… History […]