Bristol City

News25.10.16 21:40

League Cup still meaningless, fans of winning teams disappointed to learn

"Apparently Mickey Mouse sponsors it now," says deflated supporter.

Jokes01.02.16 18:32

The best January 2016 Transfer Deadline Day jokes so far

Not too much activity yet...

Interviews06.10.15 03:00

Talking Bristol City with Trust Fund

Front man Ellis Jones discusses his beloved Bristol City.

Jokes02.02.15 23:51

WINDOW CLOSED: Even more deadline day jokes

The transfer window may have slammed shut but that hasn't stopped the laughter! Or, indeed, the transfers...

Collections11.11.13 03:00

Tweets of the Weekend: Chelsea penalty row, Snodgrass Wario and more!

Chelsea penalty row! Snodgrass Wario impression! Squashed Mulumbu balls! Is it Tweets of the Weekend? It most certainly isn't not.

Collections02.09.13 03:00

Tweets of the Weekend: David Moyes cup, Spurs spending and more!

Featuring a David Moyes cup success, a Spurs spending broadside, a Cristiano Ronaldo barbecue and more.

Collections28.06.13 11:09

Football Tweets of the Week: Rooney, Jeffers, Blanc, Schmeichel and more!

“Football Tweets of the Week?” “Just the one, ta. I’m watching my figure.” “Sorry, I tried to shake out just the one but loads came […]

Collections21.03.13 05:00

Footballers tweeting about Nando’s: Gardner, Duberry, Richards, Wilkinson and more!

It’s footballers… It’s Nando’s… It’s footballers tweeting about Nando’s! Take it away, footballers! Gary Gardner, Aston Villa Dominoes nandos Indian or Chinese? Cheat day Sunday!!!!! […]

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Football Tweets of the Week: Cole, Ramis, Horlock, Earnshaw, Davies and many more!

Care for our Football Tweets of the Week? After all, that’s why you’re here…isn’t it? Splitting Hairs of the Week Supporters of Romanian side Steaua […]

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Football Tweets of the Weekend: Vieira, Lescott, Davids, Luiz, Owen, Mbia and many more!

Well, if it ain’t Football Burp’s Football Tweets of the Weekend… Pity of the Weekend Patrick Vieira, ex-Arsenal Really sorry for Arsenal. Now they must […]