Atletico Madrid

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The best of football’s The Simpsons US election jokes

Old episode appeared to predict a Donald Trump presidency.

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Six of the most biased commentators and their finest moments

It may be infuriating for the opposition but it's funny for everyone else.

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PHOTOS: Rafael Benítez lookalike steward at Champions League final

Spotted by viewers watching the television coverage at home.

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The best Atlético & Real Madrid transfer ban jokes

La Liga giants slapped with two-year embargo.

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Top 10 funny Diego Costa videos

Ten clips displaying the controversial Chelsea striker's playful side.

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Top 10 Diego Costa fights at Atletico Madrid

Some Spanish-flavoured set-tos starring one of football's serial scrappers.

Stories08.02.15 19:28

VINE: Atlético Madrid ballboy defies Cristiano Ronaldo

Ballboy throws the ball away from Cristiano Ronaldo before turning away and ignoring the Real Madrid star in el derbi.

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Top 10 on-pitch tantrums of the 2014-15 season so far

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