Aston Villa

Fake News12.01.17 19:54

Graham Taylor reaffirms dislike of orange by dying just days before Trump inauguration

Former England manager spared ignominy of living to see reality TV star become President.

Lists13.10.16 16:58

Six videos of charity match bust-ups

Including Maradona v Verón, Agbonlahor v Tomlinson, Davids v Wilkes and that Boris Johnson tackle.

Fake News12.10.16 23:04

McClaren and Bruce land jobs as craze for mediocre British managers continues

Derby County and Aston Villa latest to take part in hip new fad.

Fake News23.09.16 04:35

“I only threw the TV out the window because Villa were on it,” claims Grealish

Young midfielder denies indulging in childish rock star fantasy.

Lists24.08.16 14:40

Fourteen funny football social media fails

Starring Clayton, Benteke, Rooney, Lescott, Wilshere, Ronaldo and more - but no Andre Gray.

Lists12.08.16 06:53

Five of football’s strangest disappearing acts caught on camera

Players, managers and fans alike vanish in plain sight... on video.

Fake News11.08.16 02:49

Aston Villa now officially their own bogey side

Will confirm status with official foot-shooting ceremony at Villa Park.