Fake News21.03.17 12:27

Chris Sutton’s uncle hits back at nephew over Wenger comments

Former Blackburn striker said Arsenal boss is like "uncle who doesn't want to leave party".

Jokes21.03.17 09:01

More jokes as Arsène Wenger rumoured to have signed new contract at Arsenal

Arsenal Supporters' Trust said to be "extremely concerned".

Stories21.03.17 07:29

VIDEO: Arsenal fan sings Wenger Out song to tune of Will Young’s Leave Right Now

YouTuber uses 2003 hit single as a stick to beat the Frenchman with.

Fake News20.03.17 12:16

“I’m in it for the long troll,” roars defiant Wenger

Arsenal boss rails against fan unrest by announcing he'll stay just to wind them up.

Jokes19.03.17 10:08

The best jokes as two Wenger planes fly over West Brom 3-1 Arsenal

Crowd turn plane spotters at the Hawthorns.

Fake News18.03.17 17:48

Air traffic control “thrown into disarray” by spate of Arsenal planes

Disaster narrowly averted after impromptu Wenger-themed demonstration.

Stories13.03.17 23:09

VIDEO: Prank handshake with Per Mertesacker at the Emirates angers Arsenal defender

Veteran defender doles out a series of dirty looks.

Fake News09.03.17 09:36

Man livid after missing 13 goals skipping presumed dead rubbers

Barcelona mount stunning comeback against PSG, irking guy who went to see LEGO Batman movie instead.

Fake News08.03.17 01:13

Record number of wistful sighs recorded at Emirates as Bayern trounce Arsenal again

All-time high level of rueful exhalations as Gunners are trampled by Bundesliga giants.

Jokes07.03.17 23:13

The best jokes as Bayern beat Arsenal 10-2 on aggregate in Champions League round of 16

Another 5-1 defeat in second leg at the Emirates.