Jokes13.12.16 02:41

The best jokes as Cristiano Ronaldo wins fourth Ballon d’Or

Beat Lionel Messi to the crown.

Lists13.10.16 16:58

Six videos of charity match bust-ups

Including Maradona v Verón, Agbonlahor v Tomlinson, Davids v Wilkes and that Boris Johnson tackle.

Stories28.03.16 14:29

VIDEO: Lionel Messi theatre trip ends up being all about him

Goes to see his friend act, gets dragged onstage for the mother of all ovations.

Lists12.01.16 03:00

Twelve videos of amazing free kick routines that worked

Including a fake collision, a coordinated dropping of shorts and a range of crafty feigns.

Stories09.11.15 03:09

VIDEO: 55-year-old Diego Maradona scores in exhibition match

Ageing Argentinian scores in 'Match for Peace' in Morocco.

Fake News07.10.15 09:39

Messi misses penalty for tax fraud as Neymar steps up

Player's father, Señor Messi, set to cop flak on account of his considerably lesser ability to score 60 goals a season.

Stories05.10.15 01:52

VIDEO: Diego Maradona dances with Argentina rugby team

Football star visited the team after their World Cup victory over Tonga.

Jokes22.06.15 13:58

The best Diego Maradona for Fifa president jokes

Larger-than-life legend announces candidacy 29 years to the day since his infamous Hand of God goal against England.

Stories11.05.15 03:00

VIDEO: Vintage footage of Lionel Messi sexually assaulted on Argentinian comedy TV programme

Vintage footage of Messi evading touches and gropes from comedy characters.