Six videos of charity match bust-ups

Including Maradona v Verón, Agbonlahor v Tomlinson, Davids v Wilkes and that Boris Johnson tackle.


VIDEO: Lionel Messi theatre trip ends up being all about him

Goes to see his friend act, gets dragged onstage for the mother of all ovations.


Twelve videos of amazing free kick routines that worked

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VIDEO: 55-year-old Diego Maradona scores in exhibition match

Ageing Argentinian scores in 'Match for Peace' in Morocco.

Fake News07.10.15

Messi misses penalty for tax fraud as Neymar steps up

Player's father, Señor Messi, set to cop flak on account of his considerably lesser ability to score 60 goals a season.


VIDEO: Diego Maradona dances with Argentina rugby team

Football star visited the team after their World Cup victory over Tonga.