WATCH: Royal Oak FC episode three

Steve Bracknall in Royal Oak FC episode three

Royal Oak FC episode three is now available as Steve Bracknall’s team prepare for the big match in style and the Sunday league show continues.

The programme makers introduce the recent release:

Here’s your latest fix of Sunday League action as Royal Oak FC prepare for their biggest fixture of the season.

Steve gives the team early night orders as they prepare to do battle in the Meadowhall Premier League.

The Royal Oak FC was founded by old pals Paul Greenwood (manager) and his best pal Steve Bracknall (assistant manager) in 1997.

The club has had little success but Paul and Steve still believe they can one day take the team into the Meadowhall Premier league where they will be able to pit their wits against the cream of the crop in Sheffield’s Sunday league.

If you’re following the story, watch Royal Oak FC episode three in full below: