UNDERCOVER VIDEOS: English match-fixing scandal

English match-fixing scandal in action as The Telegraph investigate
FIXED: Match (Image: The Telegraph)

See the videos that have unleashed an English match-fixing scandal after 6 members of an alleged betting syndicate were arrested.


Unearthed by the UK’s newest crime-fighting force, The Telegraph report:

Officers from the National Crime Agency held six men in the past two days, including at least three footballers and Delroy Facey, a player-turned-agent who has played in the Premier League.

The arrests have been made in the wake of an investigation by The Telegraph that found match fixers from Asia were targeting games across Britain.

One internationally known fixer arrived in this country last week and was arrested on Tuesday evening.

In a series of covertly recorded conversations over the past fortnight, he claimed that lower league matches could be fixed for as little as £50,000 and correctly forecast the outcome of three games played by the same team.

In the clips below you can see some of the conversations between “the fixer” and The Telegraph’s undercover reporter take place.

The identity of the teams involved have not been disclosed but they are understood not to be Premier League.

The newspaper also claims “one well-placed source” said “this operation remains very live with new developments on an almost daily basis”.

Watch the English match-fixing scandal videos that have rocked the nation:

UPDATE 29/11: Another English match-fixing scandal video