VIDEO: Young Rangers fan punches wardrobe in bedroom

Goalkeeper gloves provided little protection.

A young Rangers fan punches a wardrobe in what could be his bedroom
(Image: Twitter/@theawayfans)

“Piece a cake pal”…

Classic! 😂👏🏼 pic.twitter.com/y9LnunCAy4

— The Away Fans (@theawayfans) December 17, 2017

Watch a young man wearing a Rangers top along with goalkeeping gloves, standing in front of a Union Jack, punch a wooden wardrobe in what could be his bedroom.

Egged on by a friend/brother/sidekick, the dialogue in the clip appears to be as follows:

OFF CAMERA: Show us how hard you are, punch it.

BOY: What, that? (points to wardrobe)


BOY: Piece a’ cake, pal! (punches wardrobe)

The furniture is hit and and seems to be break as the youngster recoils in pain and laughter is heard from behind the camera.

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