VIDEO: West Brom fan records himself singing ‘Pulis give up now’ song

West Brom fan records himself singing 'Pulis give up now' song
(Image: Twitter/Away Days Videos)

This Baggies fan has had enough of Tony Pulis… "Pulis give up, now, now, now…" #WBA pic.twitter.com/UROO0xIlhE

— Away Days Videos (@AwayDaysVideos) August 25, 2016

Worried about relegation, this is a West Brom fan singing Pulis give up now, a song he appears to have written about how he wants manager Tony Pulis gone.

Sitting at a desk and glancing at his notes, things get off to a slow start, but it soon picks up with memorable lyrics scattered throughout:

We’ll go through the darkest of days, Pulis will stick to his ways,
He won’t let go, so we’re going down…

Including the catchy chorus:

Pulis give up now, now, now,
Pulis give up now, now, now,
We all hate you,
We all hate you!

Maybe saving the best for last, he busts into a spontaneous dance move at the end, before signing off with:

Come on you Baggies, Pulis out… Boing, boing!

Early reaction to the video hasn’t been great, but if nothing else, the West Brom supporter is definitely getting his Pulis give up message heard with the song.

@AwayDaysVideos This guy needs a life ban, from everything

— Will (@Will22WBA) August 25, 2016