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VIDEO: Thomas Vermaelen can’t drive

Thomas Vermaelen can't drive but he does play for Barcelona
DRIVING: Vermaelen (Image: postproduktie.nl)

Watch this video that proves Thomas Vermaelen can’t drive, or at least turn his car, as he attempts to enter the Barcelona car park through a narrow gap surrounded by fans in his big, smart Audi.

The 28-year-old former Arsenal defender may be good at football, but his road skills appear to leave a lot to be desired.

Going backwards and forwards over and over again, the Belgian international struggled through the daunting process much to the amusement and general enjoyment of the crowd as they endeavoured to help the centre-back on his way.

Thomas Vermaelen can’t drive, but luckily the supporters and officials were there to help guide him through the barriers.

Watch the full video of the player driving in Barcelona this weekend below:

The £15m signing for the Spanish club will soon hope to be out of his car and on the pitch making his debut for the European giants, if he ever makes it inside.