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VIDEO: Terry Venables “woofters” comment live on Sky

The Terry Venables "woofters" comment live on Sky during Goals on Sunday
Venables… Said “woofters” (Image: YouTube/Patrick Cullum)

Sky Sports presenter Ben Shephard was forced to apologise after a Terry Venables “woofters” comment was broadcast live during Goals on Sunday.


Reminiscing about the Spurs v Nottingham Forest FA Cup final in 1991, the former England manager told of how he and his opposite number Brian Clough held hands as they emerged from the tunnel before kick-off.

Speaking about the moment captured in a memorable photograph, Venables said:

As I come out he grips my right hand with his left hand and I’m clamped, I’m clamped.

And then, to howls of laughter from co-presenter Chris Kamara, appeared to follow that up with:

We looked like a right pair of woofters!

See the Terry Venables “woofters” comment live on Goals on Sunday in the video below:

Shephard, the show’s host, quickly apologised for the language used by the 71-year-old.

Gay rights organisation Stonewall were decidedly unimpressed.

Spokesman Richard Lane reportedly said:

This kind of language might have been acceptable in 1991 but seems really rather dated in Britain today.

Plus more Venables “woofters” jokes emerged on Twitter:

Terry Venables on Goals on Sunday using the phrase 'couple of woofters'. Apparently he's now booked for Top Gear to talk about black people.

— Alan Machnik (@Alan_Machnik) May 25, 2014

Whoops. A bit of low-level homophobia from Terry Venables on Goals on Sunday. That'll do his job prospects the world of good.

— Barry Collins (@bazzacollins) May 25, 2014