VIDEO: Tavriya goalkeeper Serhiy Pohorilyi punches Vorskla’s Artem Gromov in the face

By Thomas Joseph

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Tavriya goalkeeper Serhiy Pohorilyi punches Vorskla's Artem Gromov in the face
Whack! (Image: YouTube/101greatgoalsFan2)

Watch Tavriya Simferopol goalkeeper Serhiy Pohorilyi punch Vorskla Poltava midfielder Artem Gromov in the face after the final whistle of a Ukrainian Cup game last Wednesday.

Recent Tavriya signing Pohorilyi seems to get in an argument with Gromov before punching the twenty-two year old on the side of his face.

Unusually, for football, the incident is not followed by the victim crying out and rolling around on the ground, rather Gromov pursues his attacker before more players become involved and the pair are split up.

Once the referee catches up with him, Pohorilyi is justifiably shown a red card and will presumably be banned. The promising Ukrainian keeper has reportedly also been removed from the national squad.

Tavriya actually won the game 3-2 and eliminated Vorskla from the competition, though obviously Pohorilyi did not seem overly thrilled.

SOURCE: Caught Offside