VIDEO: Marcello Matrone’s Michael Jackson goal celebration


Marcello Matrone's Michael Jackson goal celebration
Matrone… Jackson (Image: YouTube/ Marcello Matrone)

See Brazilian striker Marcello Matrone’s Michael Jackson goal celebration during FC Myllypuron’s 4-0 demolition of HIK in the Finnish Kolmonen.

Matrone is known for his elaborate goal celebrations and dressing up as Michael Jackson at the Rukki Arena on Tuesday will only further his reputation in this area.

The celebratory player scores a quite decent goal for the title challengers, before running to the side of the pitch to collect his props.

With the aid of a wig and a jacket, that is eventually worn after a few attempts, Matrone does a classic Jackson spin and crotch-grab as Beat It is blasted out from the ground’s loudspeakers.

Watch Marcello Matrone’s Michael Jackson goal celebration below:

Matrone introduces himself with:

I’am a Brazilian footballer . My goals celebrations has been a nice success here on the Internet and TVS arould world. Thx for all!

The player, who brings “marcello goals and best moments” to the world via YouTube, has amassed a collection of goal celebration videos that have seen over 3 million views in total.

And there’s more to come…

@101greatgoals we just need to win more 2 games to be the Champions there is 8 games left.. so there is more games to make more celebration

— marcello matrone (@marcellomatrone) August 21, 2013

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