VIDEO: Maradona bowling alley closure threat

Diego Maradona threatens to have a bowling alley shut-down if the music is not kept playing past 7am.

By Thomas Joseph

Diego Maradona bowling alley closure threat
Diego… Music lover (Image: YouTube/electra gatti)

See the Diego Maradona bowling alley closure threat video that appears to show the Argentine legend demanding the venue keep the music playing past 7am or he’ll have the place closed-down.

In the midst of a late-night drinking session Maradona wanted to keep dancing and, after the music was cut-off in the early hours, his request to keep the party going was declined by the owner.

In a secretly-recorded video entitled, El exabrupto de Diego Maradona en un boliche Pasó en la TV, Diego Maradona, Intrusos, Rocío Oliva or Diego Maradona’s outburst at a bowling alley spent on TV, Diego Maradona, Intruders, Rocio Oliva, the former international is seen threatening to have Argentina’s Secretary of Commerce Guillermo Moreno close-down the bowling alley.

Maradona is reported as saying:

If you do not play more music, I’ll have Moreno close this place because Moreno is with me and you’ll suck ****.

Watch the complete Maradona bowling alley closure threat video below: