VIDEO: Joey Barton’s French accent

Joey Barton speaks with a French accent at the post-match press conference after Marseille v Lille
Monsieur Barton’s French accent (Image: YouTube/Slipslopslash)

Hear Joey Barton’s French accent as he talks (in English) at a post-match press conference.

The controversial midfielder finally made his Ligue 1 debut in France for Olympique de Marseille on Sunday as his domestic ban came to an end.

Barton helped his team to a one-nil home win over Lille and managed to get through the game relatively unscathed, with the exception of his yellow card.

Afterwards though, for the first time, we had the pleasure of hearing Joey Barton’s French accent.

Watch the full video below:

See what Joey had to say about the press conference:

Barton is, of course, referring to Steve McClaren’s infamous Dutch accent: