VIDEO: Flamengo fan gets club shirt tattooed onto his body


Flamengo fan gets club shirt tattooed onto his body
(Image: Instagram/José Mauricio dos anjos)

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Flamengo super-fan José Mauricio dos Anjos got Flamengo’s 2015 shirt, minus the sponsor’s logo, tattooed on his torso to cement his support for the Brazilian top-flight club.

The shirt is said to have taken over 90 hours to complete, across 32 sessions with two different tattoo artists.

Reportedly now a minor celebrity in Rio de Janiero, the 33-year-old Brazilian spoke to Vice in a wide-ranging interview:

The whole process was only supposed to take four to five months, but there were some issues.

I decided to get a new artist in October, when the work was about 30 percent done.

I had some personal issues with the first guy, though we’re all good now.

For two months after that decision, I saved money to be able to pay another artist, but then a friend called me to offer to pay for the rest.

By that point, I’d even sold my motorcycle in an effort to get the money together.

He talked about the level of pain involved with something so large:

A lot of people told me that I’d feel a lot of pain on my ribs and armpits.

The ribs hurt, but the spine was the worst – that was just terrible.

My neck and stomach hurt pretty bad, too, but the rest was fine.

And convincing the wife:

When I told her, she said: “Stop – are you crazy? Don’t do that.” But then we sat down and we talked.

Trust me, I never felt any regret.

Not shying away from the publicity, there is much, much more on Maurício dos Anjos’ Instagram account, you can see the inking in production…

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… as well as shots of him posing with friends:


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