VIDEO: FC Tokyo mascot rides illuminated unicycle

Had been practising for big day.

FC Tokyo mascot rides illuminated unicycle at their clash against Vissel Kobe
(Image: YouTube/amaralamaralamaral10)

A packed Ajinomoto Stadium on Sunday was treated to some extra entertainment as the FC Tokyo mascot attempted to ride a unicycle on ‘Teddy Bear Day’ at the club.

Tokyo Dorompa, an anthropomorphic tanuki or Japanese raccoon dog, had obviously been practising for his stunt in front during the side’s 1-0 J1 League win over Vissel Kobe on Sunday.

はい、今日見てきたのは、かわいい芸達者なタヌキだよ♡(゚∀゚)← #fctokyo#fc東京#東京ドロンパ pic.twitter.com/Pqqq4LcP9Y

— きゃめ☆☆☆ (@came0183_soccer) August 5, 2018

テディベアをかかえて一輪車に乗るこだぬきのかわいさよ #fctokyo #東京ドロンパ pic.twitter.com/ZvJTbmMjm1

— ふなっぴこ (@funappico) August 5, 2018

There were huge celebrations at the ground for the match that saw numerous teddies as well as an Andrés Iniesta lookalike, who the mascot became quite friendly with.


🆚 #ヴィッセル神戸
🏟️ #味の素スタジアム

本日はTeddy Bear Day ✨🐻☺️#fctokyo #tokyo pic.twitter.com/DXjBAWJycv

— FC東京【公式】 (@fctokyoofficial) August 5, 2018

with イ似エスタ🇪🇸

テディベアの抽選に外れたイ似エスタが暴挙に…#fctokyo #fc東京 #vissel #東京ドロンパ #アイアム野田 #イニエスタ #iniesta pic.twitter.com/v9cDpSArqF

— 神さま (@kamisama0624) August 6, 2018

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