VIDEO: Fan leads Seattle Sounders “fight and win” chant

Roars into microphone for maximum effect.

By Jonny Abrams


Forget the Russians, we need to start worrying about this lot at World Cup 2026! pic.twitter.com/Z9wWmKEPb3

— Away Days Videos (@AwayDaysVideos) June 13, 2018

One Seattle Sounders fan revelled in the opportunity to lead a stand full of his fellow supporters in the club’s “fight and win” chant.

Yelling into a microphone for maximum effect, he milks the attention of the crowd with a series of dramatic pauses and quietly approving nods in between call-and-response roars.

The Sounders play in America’s Major League Soccer and count former Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur star Clint Dempsey among their ranks.