VIDEO: El Nacional goalkeeper dives to waste time after referee pokes him

Tumbles comedically in attempt to see out Copa Sudamericana win against San José.

El Nacional goalkeeper dives to waste time
Image: Twitter/Teradeportes

88' Johan Padilla a punto de mandarse la 'gran Banguera' ante amarilla de Argote para quemar segundos en el cierre del partido en Oruro @CDSJoficial (1-1) @elnacionalec #Sudamericana https://t.co/TI4P7XEDUI pic.twitter.com/dohguAuOuz

— TERADEPORTES (@Teradeportes) March 7, 2018

Watch as El Nacional goalkeeper Johan Padilla dives to waste time after the referee pokes him for taking too long over a goal kick.

The Ecuadorian side were leading 4-3 on aggregate in their Copa Sudamericana tie against Bolivia’s San José when Padilla tried to run out the clock with just minutes left to play.

He received a yellow card for his antics, but he was presented a golden opportunity to waste even more time when Venezuelan ref José Argote jabbed him with his finger.

To the commentator’s amusement, Padilla then tumbles to the floor with a pained expression, for which he was probably fortunate not to be shown a second yellow.

El Nacional may have gone on to clinch the victory, but Padilla shouldn’t expect too many plaudits coming his way.