VIDEO: Celtic fan gives everyone finger during UCL tie, later spotted by son online


Celtic fan gives everyone finger at Rosenborg
(Image: @pfx95)

Brendan Rodgers’s Hoops beat Rosenborg 1-0 to qualify for the Champions League play-offs, but the real star was in the stands.

This video of a Celtic fan giving everyone the finger was jokingly shared by one Reddit user as “yer da” – then promptly identified by another as their actual dad.

One supporter was filmed cheerfully aiming one-fingered salutes in all directions, a clip later shared on Reddit.

The most upvoted reply to this post came from one MarkKent9, who wrote “swear to fuck this is honestly my dad” before linking to a photograph of them together.

Celtic triumphed 1-0 in Norway thanks to a second-half stunner courtesy of James Forrest.