VIDEO: Boris Johnson trips child during kids football match

Mayor of London Boris Johnson trips child during a kids football match outside his office
CYNICAL: Mayor Johnson (Image: YouTube/Sky Sports)

See the Boris Johnson trips child footage as the Mayor of London is caught on camera committing a cynical foul during a kids match on the grass outside his office in the shadow of Tower Bridge.


Known for his no-nonsense, tough-tacking approach to the beautiful game, Boris couldn’t hide his competitive edge while participating in the informal kickabout organised to promote the health benefits of playing sport.

Getting nowhere near the ball in the process, Mayor Johnson brought down a young boy as he sidestepped past the game’s star player.

Perhaps thinking it better to admit his guilt after the obvious foul was clearly seen by several members of the press, the Mayor was heard to cry out:


However the match official seemed to make a decision to play advantage and no cards were shown to the ever-enthusiastic Johnson.

Watch the Sky Sports Boris Johnson trips child clip in full below:

Sky Sports say:

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson tripped a young child during a football match outside City Hall to promote the health benefits of playing sport.

It’s not he first time Boris has made a reckless foul playing football after he infamously tackled a player in a charity game at Old Trafford.

We think this was definitely a red card!