VIDEO: BBC News speak to Sooty and Sweep before Croatia vs England

"Izzy, wizzy, let's get busy" fails to pay off.

Sooty offers his support to England on BBC News before the World Cup semi-final defeat to Croatia at Russia 2018
(Image: Twitter/Scott Bryan)

It is two and a half hours till kick off and BBC News has well and TRULY lost it pic.twitter.com/9sTeIkSBn7

— Scott Bryan (@scottygb) July 11, 2018

BBC News featured cameos from Sooty and Sweep in the build-up to England’s World Cup semi-final defeat against Croatia at Russia 2018.

The beloved children’s characters appeared with a helping hand from Richard Cadell in a lighthearted segment to offer support for Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions.

Waving his wand, Sooty attempts to cast a magic spell in England’s favour with the time-honoured catchphrase “izzy, wizzy, let’s get busy”.

It was ultimately to prove in vain, however, as was Sweep’s motivational message:

You’re watching BBC News pic.twitter.com/iMwn164Onv

— Scott Bryan (@scottygb) July 11, 2018