VIDEO: Americans talk about the World Cup

Baha Salamah interviews, as Americans talk about the World Cup
SOCCER FAN: Interviewed (Image: Twitter/Baha Salamah)

See football fans in New York say the funniest things as Americans talk about the World Cup in Brazil when questioned by mischievous interviewer Baha Salamah.

Standing in busy Times Square, the comedian nabs passers by and quizzes them on their knowledge of the upcoming tournament.

The good sport participants also face a series of trick questions, including how they think Gareth Bale will fare and what they think of “a new, amazing player” with Salamah’s name who has been unexpectedly called-up to the USA national team.

Two poor young boys spotted wearing Real Madrid shirts were also subjected to a barrage of of queries regarding their chosen team.

Complete also with several correct answers, watch as Americans talk about the World Cup:

Salamah valiantly attempts to restrain the YouTube comments with a kindly reminder in the video description:

**PLEASE** Do not harass the people shown in the comments section. This video is meant for amusement, not insulting.

More Baha below:

You guys have no idea how hard it is to not burst out laughing when they talked about how Bale and this Baha guy will do in the World Cup

— Baha (@LifeOfBaha) June 1, 2014

I bet those 2 kids just bought their Real Madrid shirts right after the champions league final

— Baha (@LifeOfBaha) June 1, 2014