TWEETS: Fan refuses to eat own sh*t after Balotelli goal promise


One Liverpool fan won't be needing this as he refuses to eat his own sh*t after Mario Balotelli score the winner against Liverpool

See all the tweets as one Liverpool fan fails to go through with his promise to eat his own sh*t if Mario Balotelli scored the winner against Spurs in their Premier League clash last night.


After Balotelli netted the final goal in Liverpool’s 3-2 win against Spurs at Anfield, Ross’s earlier pledge came under intense scrutiny.

Much to Twitter’s disappointment though, especially after several instances of recent success, Ross turned out not to be a team player.

Check out the story in tweets as one fan promises “I will eat my own sh*t” if Balotelli scores the winner against Spurs:

Ah fuck not Balo

— Ross (@RossLFC95) February 10, 2015

If Balo gets the winner I will eat my own shit

— Ross (@RossLFC95) February 10, 2015


— Ross (@RossLFC95) February 10, 2015

Sorry to break your hearts but I'm not a fucking retard and I'm not going to eat my shit, I'm a dirty little beg I know so deal with it

— Ross (@RossLFC95) February 10, 2015

Turning my phone off now ttyl ????

— Ross (@RossLFC95) February 10, 2015