PHOTOS: Young Man City fan makes “the Eggihad” for school’s Easter competition

Each player represented by an egg in miniature stadium replica.

Eggs were used to build the Eggihad
(Image: Gisela Francisco)

My 9yr old son Brandon made the eggihad for his school easter competition. Can he get a retweet. pic.twitter.com/44YatHAy27

— Tony sherwin (@AnthonySherwin2) March 29, 2018

One young Manchester City fan made “the Eggihad” – a miniature replica of the Etihad with each player represented by an egg – for his school’s Easter competition.

Photos of the Eggihad were shared on Twitter by the boy’s father Tony Sherwin, and one picture shows the child holding a sign asking his hero Sergio Agüero for a like.

Needless to say, it brought the puns out in force:

Missed a trick with egguero

— Tom'Challa (@tucasloledo) March 31, 2018

Is that Eggerson in goal? 🌝

— clownf1st (@clownf1st) March 29, 2018

Where’s egguardiola?

— ฮาชีก (@shznhzqe) March 31, 2018

That kid who built the Eggihad… Its really annoying me that on his note he didn’t go for Egg-ueroooooo

— Gary Lambert (@TheGaryLambert) March 30, 2018